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Caitlin Richards

(Age: 27)
Michigan, United States

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Date Joined: April 5, 2010
Last Bio Update: November 22, 2013
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 The First person to sit down with me and teach me about poetry and help me write was a very special friend named Mary. Which all of you know as BrytEyez. or Mary Ball :) She was my first Inspiration.


"Seduce my mind & You can have my body, Find my soul? & Im Yours Forever."

-I'm just your typical 22 Year Old,

~~~SOMETIMES I may not be all that i WANT to be,..But im all That I'll Ever NEED To Be~~~

-I'm 5'4" With Long Brown Hair, & Hazel Eyes. I have Tattoos & Piercings.

-I Love to read & write poetry, I sing, I laugh & sometimes get a little crazy! I have a passion for photography, cooking, music & of course. LOVE!

-I'm Outgoing, Fun & Very Curious.
I LOVE TO SMILE!! : ) I'm Crazy, Silly, Funny, Cute, Brave, Girl, Loud, Cheerful, Opinionated, Energetic, I'm Annoying, & Lots Of Fun. I have belief, and i have faith. I'm optimistic. I don't judge. (Everyone gets a clean slate). I have a pure heart. & a downright kickass personality!.
I'm Sweet & Sassy With Alot of spunk. I have a pretty awesome sense of humor as well.. sometimes it runs do the dark side though.. so beware ;)

-I look for the best in EVERYone.. "BElieve in YOUrself."
-I wear my heart on my sleeve.. it often brings me heartache. But it makes me stronger.! I'm often way to forgiving. Im the type of girl who does her best to make someone elses day brighter, even if she cant make her own. I'm a pretty well rounded and open minded individual. I'm the best me I can be, and its taken alot of trials to get to where i am today. I don't smoke anything, I occasionally drink.. & i dont mind those who do either. To Each there own.. don't try and change me & i wont try and change you. Have Respect! I give everyone a chance..

-I'm Not the perfect girl, my hair doesnt always stay in place. I spill things alot, i can be pretty clumsy..and sometimes!! I'll have a broken heart! My Friends & I Sometiems Fight. & there are days were EVERYTHING goes wrong. But when i look at it and take a step back, I REMEMBER that life is truly amazing & Sometimes i just like being IMPERFECT!!

-I've made mistakes in my life. I've let people take advantage of me and i've expected way less then what i deserve. But i've learned from my bad choices and even though there are some things i can never get back & people who will never be sorry... I"LL KNOW BETTER NEXT TIME! and i wont expect any less then what i deserve!! There comes a time in life where you have to let go of all the pointless drama & the people who create it & surround yourself with people who made you laugh so hard that you forget about the bad and focus solely on the good!


I DONT FORGIVE THOSE WHO HURT BECAUSE IM WEAK! I forgive them because im STRONG enough to do so!

-I believe everything happens for a reason, people change so that you will learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they go right. You Believe lies so that your not disappointed when others lie to you & that way when you find the 1 who doesn't lie to you, THEN YOU KNOW their the one you can trust.. the only people who need you in there life? Are the ones who also need you in theirs. Good things fall apart so that things can fall back together!!

-I have NO regrets! I believe i am a mature person who can take things in stride, im so grateful for those who were in my past because i wouldn't have been able to get to today without them. : )

Like any other person I can Be Selfish & Impatient.
I can Get outta Control, & I can be hard to handle.

--BUT IF YOU CANT ACCEPT THAT, Then You Cant Accept Me--

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