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Cristina Lipp

Florida, United States

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Date Joined: August 15, 2002
Last Bio Update: August 22, 2002

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My Name is Cristina Lipp. I was born in St. Croix, V.I. and have always enjoyed writing (anything) from an early age. I now reside in Clearwater, FL and love it because of the weather. Reminds me of my hometown. I have three boys (grown up). My husband is from Ft. Wayne, IN. I love those people (Hoosiers). I write about people and emotions mainly, and contrasting situations; joys and sorrows, a playground without children. I enjoy writing both free verse and ryhme. I walk always with the essence of a poem being born in in the back of my mind. It happens when I look at trees, hear thunder, see a baby cry, or an old man grieve, etc. I enjoy writing stage plays also and hope to write one off-broadway play one of these days!

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Custom Pg Ages Date Hits Praise Title
20 18+ 08-29-02 1372 NO SMALL DESIRE
Custom Ages Date Hits Praise Title
10+ 01-19-03 1429 HOW TO BE THE BEST MOMMIE ON YOUR BLOCK (and go insane!)
10+ 08-19-02 1429 An Island Like Mine
10+ 08-17-02 1594 The True Blue Native Floridian Quiz
Custom Ages Date Hits Praise Title
13+ 01-19-03 1277 Eyeing the Competition
4+ 11-02-02 1229 Christmas at Our House
13+ 11-01-02 1334 Woman
16+ 10-07-02 1238 Nothing Makes Me Tremble, Lord
Custom Ages Date Hits Praise Title
16+ 10-07-02 1363 The Pit
16+ 10-06-02 1038 Motel Room
Yes 16+ 09-11-02 1078 Illusion
18+ 08-28-02 1016 Ode to Womankind
13+ 08-19-02 1777 Graduation Day
13+ 08-19-02 1052 Just For A While
10+ 08-19-02 1187 Soar
7+ 08-17-02 1262 Friend
7+ 08-17-02 1110 Little Girl, Little Boy (Where Are You Going)
10+ 08-17-02 1110 Hold On (To your Heart)
10+ 08-16-02 1136 Beginner's Computer Lament
7+ 08-16-02 1150 My Mother's Eyes
10+ 08-16-02 1558 A Secretary's Lament
13+ 08-16-02 1454 Tinsel and Spider Webs
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