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Senshi bios (info about the scouts)
by Sarah West (Age: 28)
copyright 08-05-2003

Age Rating: 1 +

Pic Praise Date Ages Chapter and Description
03-09-03 1 + Tuxedo Mask bio
03-07-03 1 + Star Lights bio
03-06-03 1 + Sailor Saturn bio
03-06-03 1 + Sailor Uranus bio
03-05-03 1 + Sailor Neptune bio
03-04-03 1 + Sailor Pluto bio
03-04-03 1 + Sailor chibi moon bio
03-03-03 1 + Sailor venus bio
03-03-03 1 + Sailor Jupiter bio
03-02-03 1 + Sailor Mars bio
03-02-03 1 + Sailor Mercury bio
03-01-03 1 + Serena
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        11-01-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Heba, this is so cool and will help in the story that I am writing about the scouts. Thank you so much for all this information, Anthony

        04-25-2003     Janet Owenby        

Great information now I am familiar with all the scouts.

        03-09-2003     Sarah Ayers        

Hey! thoose are WAY cool!!! Where did you get your information? (you know...for the answers like blood type!) Those are cool! ^.^

        03-05-2003     Sarah West        

this is not a story it is only information about the scouts like whats thier faveorite coulor, and thier hobbies and stuff like that. its not long too so dont be afraid oh the chapters numbers ok thanx

        03-01-2003     Sarah West        

I will add more info about the other scouts ok ppl bye

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