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Street People

by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 06-27-2003

Age Rating: 18 +

What is the day that gives
to life the yearn of sleep
I think it is a crippled man
begging on the street

What is the night that sleeps
to ease all the poets’ pain
I think it is the dope
that fills the fool's brain

Who stops to listen to
music soft and sweet
I think it is
the children of the street

Who controls the weary souls
fallen by the road
I think it is the man
who owns the all the gold

what can be done to solve
this life's true history
I think the slave is not the only one
Who struggles to be free

What steps will be taken
to clear the pathway
I think many hide
in the light of day

When trouble knocks
upon the common door
I think all types of vermin
crawl out of cracks in the floor

Still life finds a way
even the lowest soul
smiles through love and light
given freely each and every day

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        02-05-2014     Regina Lehman        

Very nice poem..Still life finds a way
even the lowest soul smiles through love and light
given freely each and every day.......good verse and how true every one deserves to be treated like a human being...with should not have to walk in that persons shoes to know how someone feels..Great Poem.

        04-18-2004     Kay Lee Kelly        

        07-01-2003     Janet Owenby        

And through their own pain as bad as it may be they give of all they have. The love inside their hearts. Thanks Walt for this poem and seeing beneath the surface.

        06-29-2003     Leon Bailey        

very well put. it is hard living that type of life. there is so much pain and strife. i'm glad you can see!!

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