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A Maid Called Mer

by Denny Sisson (Age: 87)
copyright 06-29-2003

Age Rating: 7 +

A Maid Called Mer

When the moon comes up on Kalani Bay. A maid called Mer comes out to play.

She’s from a distant land, a northern clime and colder land

She’s an Irish lass it’s said. Her hair is flaming red.

She came by way of whale back one day. At least that’s what they say

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        07-24-2003     Paul Kangas        

fair poam. I like this work.

        07-12-2003     Gregory Christiano        

Very interesting. Sounds like something out of a fairy-tale. I love stories from Ireland and Wales especially. They are steeped in lore and terrific fables.

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