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by Sam Hackel-Butt (Age: 28)
copyright 07-18-2003

Age Rating: 13 +

Where do we go when we die?
Do we go to the promised heaven or the dreaded hell?
Were we just ok and end up in limbo; the place of judgment?
Do our spirits wonder the world, barely making contact with the living?
Or do we influence people, take on new bodies and help young minds?
Are we remembered for every fault we did?
Or are people forgiving and willing to forget them and look on the good?
Do people cry for us years after our deaths?
Did we make an impact on the world we left?
Is there another world welcoming us?
Is it true all the pain goes away?
Do we cry when we see the tears of joy people have when something good happens to them?
Do we fast and pray for a tortured soul about to do something stupid?
Do we have to earn our wings, and do a million years of work, and then apply?
Are all our memories brought with us when we pass on?
Are they happy, sad, angry or neutral memories?
Do all the faces, places, and all the pictures come with us?
Do we fly to the sky and be embraced like kings and queens, when we leave our loved ones suffering our loss, most probably leading to more deaths?
Or do we shoot through the earth, being pulled down by an invisible force, towards a life of bondage and mercy begging, when the people we thought loved us, forgot us?
Would we cry because we want to get back to the body that is stone cold in the ground, or say we’re better off being free in no mans land?
Were we good?
Were we bad?
Did we meet all odds and conquer them?
Will our families be taken care of?
Why did we have to die?
Why were we pulled away?
Did we live our lives…?
So many un-answered questions, so many what-ifs and maybes.
So many religions, so many theories, don’t know what to believe in anymore.
Being left with confused thoughts and feelings, feeling depressed, feeling alone…

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        03-07-2013     Sarah Anne Campbell        

I found it really impacting though bit too repetitive. All in all I loved this! It left me speechless and wanting to read more :D Good job!

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