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Sailor Moon: The College Years Part III

by Anna Ellis (Age: 33)
copyright 07-20-2003

Age Rating: 13 +

Molly walked with Malachite knowing it was time to lose her memory and to hurt her friends but lost her drive to fight him. She willingly laid down in the machine that Darien had once been in. Malachite began the process and then looked at Zoicite and said, “This is too easy.” But then the door burst open. “Malachite.” Nephlyte said with Jedite by his side but were still in disguise.
“Ah I was begging to worry you two wouldn’t make it.” Malachite smiled. “It was extremely easy to get her this far.”

“That’s enough!” Nephlyte shouted. “I won’t let you do this!”
“No. It’s all right really. If I’m lucky the scouts will just kill me.” Molly sighed.
“I have nothing to live or fight for. I mean I lost Melvin, along with my purity, and my Nephlyte’s dead.”
“You still miss me after all these years.” He mumbled so no one could hear him.
“I know, he’s been dead for six years. But I loved him. Please just leave me to die.”
“No! If I didn’t let you die six years ago, I won’t let you die now!”
“What?” Molly asked in amazement.
Nephlyte transformed into his normal form. “I am alive but yet not because I had you here and couldn’t be close to you because you couldn’t know who I really am.” He walked to her side and pressed his hand against her cheek. “I love you Molly Baker. I won’t let you give up. Not now.”
“But Nephlyte. . .” Molly began as she pushed his hand away gently. “How can I? And how could you still want me when my purity was taken from me.?”
“Molly.” He put his hand back to her cheek. “You are as pure as the day I met you. Malachite never went all the way. It was a plan to get you to give up, and it worked.”
“Enough Nephlyte!” Malachite was furious. “Zoicite darling, we must get rid of him again.”
“Yes my love.” They both changed into their true form and the three yomas who had once killed Nephlyte appeared. “You remember the girls?”
“How could I forget.” He sighed as the three lunged towards him. They began to fight.
“Jedite. You don’t want to do this. Tuxedo Mask and the Sailors killed you!”
“Don’t listen Jedite! You are more than just a cold-blooded murderer!” Molly yelled.
“Shut up!” Malachite slapped her. “Come Jedite. We are your only family.”
“We could be family. I will give you anything!”
“Sailor Moon?” Jedite asked Molly.
“That is one thing I can’t give you cause she will marry Tuxedo Mask. I’m sorry but I will give you anything else.”
“See? Tuxedo Mask even gets your girl! Help us crush them once and for all!” By this time Nephlyte was wrapped in branches, so he couldn’t move. “Be on the winning side!”
“The winning side? Fine I’ll be on the winning side.” Jedite began to walk forward.
“I knew you’d come around.” Jedite walked till he was beside Molly facing her. By this time she was almost unconscious and a few more minutes she would forget everything. Jedite then turned the machine off and laughed.
“What are you doing?!”
“It’s been my experience that the Sailor Scouts always win. . . So, I was just following your advice old friend.” He laughed.
“What a foolish mistake!” Then he held out his hand and Jedite was engulfed in a field that was closing in on him and would continue to do so till he was dead. But Molly had fully awakened and realized when Jedite had turned the machine off he had laid her ring on her stomach. She put it on carefully to not draw attention. “You are a foolish man! I will squash you just like Nephlyte will be squashed by my loves Yomas.” Malachite laghed.
At that moment Molly popped up from the machine. “I don’t think so! Comet Jewel Power!” Then she stood infront of them as Sailor Comet. “I am Sailor Comet! Protector of the universe and your worst nightmare!”
“Ooooooooo I’m scared.” Malachite laughed. “You couldn’t even defeat me before when you were at full strength.”
“Things change. Asteroid Crush!” A huge asteroid flew at Malachite and he lost his concentration so his field disappeared. “Meteor Shower.” The three Yoma’s began dodging meteors and the branches broke into pieces. “There, that evened the odds.” She laughed. “Comet Tail Encircle.” Then what looked like a beam of blue light tied the three Yoma’s together. Molly motioned for Jedite and Nephlyte to come over to where she was sitting then grabbed their hands and yelled, “Comet Warp!” A comet seemed to form around them and disappeared.

The Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, and the men who had joined them all put their heads together in order to solve the mystery of how to get to the Negaverse. They had been there all day and the sun was setting but no one was ready to go home. Then they saw a “shooting star.” Which was actually Molly and her two rescuers. They landed gently not far from the Scouts so Molly decided to go pay them a visit. As she reached the bushes she could hear them talking. “It’s gotta be here somewhere! Amy, found anything yet?” Serena asked and whinned at the same time.
“Sorry, my mini computer and visor can’t get through all the static.” Amy apologized.
“I feel it but can’t figure out where it is.”
“Anyone? Greg?”
“No visions. Sorry.”
“Lita any luck calling her comunication device?”
“Nope. The Negaverse is blocking it.”
“Do you have anything Amara and Michelle?”
“Sorry moon brain. Nothing.”
“We saw a shooting star! That means good luck!” Serena started crying and Darien began comforting her.
“Let me try.”
“Melvin? What are you doing here?”
“I can’t just leave Molly up there.” Melvin sighed. “Check the area he seemed to always be standing in.”
“Brilliant!” She jumped up and hugged Melvin. Everyone just stared at them as Melvin blushed. “To the Negaverse!”
“Why would you wanna go there?” Molly said as she stepped out from the bush.
“Molly! You weren’t taken there?”
“Oh that’s why. I was there but got bored so I came home.” She winked.
“Molly.” Serena began but Molly held up her hand.
“Serena. . . Thanks for looking for me.”
“You’re welcome.” Just then Nephlyte an Jedite came out of the bushes. “Jedite? I knew about Nephlyte but Jedite?”
“Yes he helped me escape.” Molly smiled at the two.
“Oh I must be going.” Melvin said quickly and ran away, no doubt because of Nephlyte. Melvin. What am I going to do now that Nephlyte’s back?
“We have two more allies!” Serena nearly screeched.
“We are pleased to be a part of the team.” Jedite said.
“Welcome Jedite!” Mina said quickly.
“Thank you Sailor Venus. Don’t act so surprised. I know who is what sailor scout. I’ve heard so much about you even though we’ve never met before now.” He winked at her then turned to leave but was stopped by Molly stepping in his way.
“Where you going?”
“Just to the bathroom.”
“Fine.” Molly stepped aside. Jedite walked to the nearest bathroom as everyone continued to talk. “I’m sorry but I’ve gotta go home so my mom knows I’m alright.”
“I’ll go with you.” Nephlyte said but stopped in his tracks as Molly gave him a tearful look.
“No, I should go alone.” She said then ran off in the direction of her moms store/apartment.
“Molly.” Nephlyte sighed.
“Don’t worry she’ll be fine.” Amy said as she put her hand on his shoulder.
“Well I’m starving.” Serena stated. “Let’s go get some burgers Darien.”
“Ok. Anyone else up for burgers?” Darien asked.
“Darien! That wasn’t an invitation to invite everyone!” Serena whaled.
“That’s all right Chad and I have some catching up to do.” Rei said as she dragged Chad away.
“Yes and I need Greg’s help on my home work.” Amy winked at Greg and they too walked in their own direction.
“Yeah and Andrew and I have to race in the arcade.” Mina and Andrew ran in their direction.
Lita looked at Ken and smiled and they both walked off. They had a knowlege of eachother and what they were thinking so they didn’t need to say a word. But Serena was left confused. All the outer scouts had walked off before the offer was even made. So Serena, satisfied, began walking but Darien didn’t follow. Nephlyte still stared in the direction Molly had ran and Darien was watching him. Then Serena walked past Darien, put her hand on Nephlyte’s shoulder, and asked, “Would you like to come with us?” Nephlyte looked at her with tear filled eyes.
“I would love to but. . . . I don’t want to but in on your guys’ privacy.” Nephlyte said as Darien watched in awe.
“It’s no problem there’s always room for one more!” She smiled sweetly at him. “And when Jedite gets back then he can tag along too.”
“Thanks.” It wasn’t long before Jedite joined them and they all went out to eat.

A couple weeks passed and no attacks from the negaverse. Molly hadn’t been able to get in touch with Melvin. She knew he was hurt cause Nephlyte was back. She took many walks wondering what she would do. Tokyo seemed so peaceful and Molly would also be at peace if she could make up her mind about Melvin and Nephlyte. She spent a lot of time with Nephlyte but often left him with Serena so she could be alone with her thoughts. One particular day Melvin walked up to her and said while looking at the ground. “Molly, I just want you to be happy no matter what. So if you choose Nephlyte then I’ll understand.” Then he turned and ran as the tears began to show. Oh Melvin. If I had only told you how much I care about you before all this. But all I did, was push you away. Molly then broke down in tears.
When Molly ran off to be alone Serena would tell Nephlyte, “I think Molly loves Melvin even though she wont admit it. But now that you’re back in her life she’s so confused. The truth is she knows that she loves you. She doesn’t realize that she loves Melvin. But yet she’s confused when she feels that it should be a no brainer.”
Molly got a letter one day that said all her friends including Nephlyte and Jedite were in the negaverse. Melvin saw Molly transform and followed her into the negaverse. Molly saw that not only were the scouts, along with Jedite and Nephlyte, there but so were the men that had just come back into their lives. Molly got into a tedious fight with Malachite and Zoicite. After a few minutes Tuxedo Melvin entered the picture and he attacked with “Molly love shrimp!” This wasn’t working Molly and Melvin could not prevent the field from crushing their friends They all screamed in pain as their lives were about to end. “Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Molly screamed as she was suddenly engulfed in a certain light. Then she was floating and wore a white gown along with a crown and on her forehead was the symbol of the comets. She held out her hand that had her transformation ring on and a beam of light shot from the ring and the field was gone. Then she entrapped Malachite and Zoicite in a ball of light that formed a comet and then the comet went into orbit. They would be trapped in the comet forever or at least till they die.
Everyone looked in awe at Molly’s knew form. “I am Princess Mollandra. Future Queen of the soon to be new moon kingdom.” The voice was not Molly’s it was hallow. It was the power of the ring speaking through Molly. But inside her mind Molly’s choice became clear as to whom she should be with. “Come and join me, Princess Serena!” Suddenly Serena was in her princess form and was floating beside her. “We are the main protectors of this universe and this world. Now is the time we give you all your paths. Serena and Darien shall start on crystal Tokyo. Nephlyte. . . And Melvin. Molly’s choice should have been simple but she chose the difficult path. Melvin you have no real power and Molly needs someone who could actually fight along side her and have a chance. A man without power cannot do that.” Tears began to flow down Melvin’s face. . . He lost. Nephlyte looked at Melvin and felt a pain he saw the love Melvin had for Molly so why should he be able to have her after being gone for six years? “And that’s why. . .” The voice continued. “I am going to give you power because you are the one meant to be with Molly.” Melvin was in shock and Nephlyte just grinned as Melvin’s tears began to dry. “There is more, all inner scouts these men who walked back into your lives were urged to by me. But it is up to them if they want this life just like Melvin does. So I ask you to decide now.”
“Rei I. . . I want to. Because I love you!” Chad stumbled over his words.
“Mina I didn’t just come back to start my career. There was a reason I decided to start it in Tokyo. . . It was you. I want to be with you I love you.”
“Amy, I don’t think I need to tell you the answer. You already know. I love you.”
“Lita I’ve loved you for so long but was too afraid to tell you.”
“I love you too!” All the girls said at once. Then they all kissed.
“So it is done.” The voice began again. “Serena I need your help to give all these men power.”
“Yes.” Serena’s voice was as hallow as Molly’s.
“We share our power with the sailor scouts and their future husbands. The sailor scouts will become more powerful and the men will be as powerful as Tuxedo Mask but each with their own special attack.”
“Who are you really?” Amy asked after they were done sharing power.
“We are an entity of unlimited power. We are the power of the Universe. We lay dormant inside these two princesses. But now, Melvin. You and Molly shall rebuild the moon kingdom. Nephlyte and Jedite shall become Prince Darien’s right hand men. And the rest of the sailor scouts shall build kingdoms on their planets. While Luna and Artimis along with their daughter watch and guide the scouts.” Suddenly Molly and Serena changed into their normal form and began to fall and were unconcious. Melvin and Darien caught them and tried to awaken them. They came around after a few minutes and remembered everything. Molly looked at Melvin and said, “I should have told you this long ago. . . I’m in love with you.”
Melvin began to cry and said, “I am in love with you too, Molly, and I should have said it sooner.”
“Oh Melvin.”

Time went by like usual but although everyone was working on their own planet they never lost contact and always had time for each other. Molly and Melvin, fashioned the Moon almost exactly as it once had been. Mina and Andrew, made Venus mostly yellow, and white with the universes biggest arcade. Lita and Ken had a green theme with the biggest kitchen/martial arts building in the entire universe. Amy and Greg of coarse, blue, with the biggest research center/library in the entire universe. Rei and Chad had all red with the universes largest temple/stage. Amara of course her sailor color, and the universes biggest race track. Michelle, her color with the worlds largest violin collection. Hitaru, her color and the universes largest doll collection. Trista, her color with the universes biggest clock collection. And of coarse Crystal Tokyo.


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        12-11-2004     Andrew Findlay        

heres the points i promised

        12-11-2004     Andrew Findlay        

Great ending. I'm so glad that Melvin got to be with Molly. I was a little worried there for a moment about them.
The ending wrapped things up nicely. I hope you write more Sailor Moon stories in the future, because this one was really good and well thought out.
I know it's a little selfish, but the only part I didn't like was when Amy and Greg got together. I kinda consider Amy to be my girl, plutonically of course, and it made me feel kind of jealous.
Anyway, I'll be back with praise points just as soon as I get some points to spare.

        12-08-2003     Sarah Wilczynski        

i luv this story!! it's so great!! the ending was cool!!!!

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