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Wax and Feathers (The Myth of Daedalus)

by Lyle Berry (Age: 70)
copyright 08-06-2003

Age Rating: 18 +
Wax and Feathers (The Myth of Daedalus)

Athena was your mentor,
but you fell far from her grace;
jealous of clever Talos,
she saw murder in your face.

Creator of the axe,
compass, potter’s wheel and sail;
you fled to Crete from Athens,
where inventive skills prevailed.

King Minos, son of mighty Zeus,
saw your plight and took you in,
making toys for Ariadne,
till his queen became your sin.

Umbrellas that would open
by mere touch of sly sun’s rays,
tops that spun in air like magic,
occupied those early days.

Then Pasphae’s curse from Aphrodite,
made her crave the white bull’s seed
and you shaped a hollow wooden cow,
for her to satiate her need.

The Queen conceived the Minotaur,
while Minos conceived rage -
decreed you build the Labyrinth -
confined you in the maze.

In your secret laboratory,
you plotted wax and feathered flight,
so you and dear son Icarus
could escape at first sunlight.

From Athen’s cliffs you soared aloft,
borne on the Zephyr’s breath,
but Icarus flew too near old Sol
and melted to his death.

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        08-15-2003     Janet Owenby        

Being a big fan of Mythology, I love this poem, excellent write.

        08-07-2003     Moses Hochstetler        

Well crafted, Lyle, and you know your mythology much better than I do.


        08-07-2003     Nancy Pawley        

Fantastic poem here, Lyle..I've always loved mythology.

        08-07-2003     Gregory Christiano        

Mythology at its finest. Zeus would be proud! very nice presentation here Lyle.

        08-06-2003     Walter Jones        

Nicely done

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