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Mad inside

by Cortney Jaruzel (Age: 27)
copyright 08-14-2003

Age Rating: 10 +

I don't understand why I get so mad,
Why I'm running away from what i had.
Sometimes what you do gets me mad Inside,
But when I run away I have no where to hide.
So, why do you have to act the way you do,
Like nothing Is wrong, like your lies are true.
It's just not fair how I always wanted you so bad,
But, I know I'll never be yours so why am I mad?
Why do I feel like i have so save my memories,
When I can start new ones somewhere else and be free.
The more i hurt the more i cry,
The more a hate the more i regret and want to die.
Someone wake me up from this life i live everyday,
God, listen to my words and hear what I say.
All my mistakes and wish I could take back,
Take my pain Im tired of asking for this life of mine,
But, I'll ask another 100 times.
I'm sorry......

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