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Sea Glass

by Anne Whelmer (Age: 26)
copyright 08-19-2003

Age Rating: 4 +

Sea glass
shines in the sea
shimmers in my tiny palm
glistens like diamonds on the coast

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        06-07-2006     Jessica Peters        

Wow this is really great I love it!

        06-04-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

You are able to say so much with just a little bit of words. This was nice, too! Anthony

        09-21-2003     Andrea Jeanette DiGiantomasso        

normally brevity isn't what i look for in poetry, but this peice really hit me. living by the coast does that, i guess, but i think this peice was wonderful.

        09-16-2003     Toni Sweeney        

Awesome job

        09-16-2003     Regina S.        

Um... Yeah what she said! lol

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