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by Riley Mackenzie (Age: 25)
copyright 09-24-2003

Age Rating: 1 +

**in the last line, the first 'tear' i use meants 'to tear or rip something' and the second is like crying tears...trying to prevent confusion**

A claw tears at my heart,
And leaves Pandora's jar instead,
Locked inside my empty being, now torn,
But not locked tight enough.

The cork begins to unscrew,
It's edges twist and turn,
Forcing my life to travel through,
A journey it began.

No color in my eyes,
Bleeding black and white,
And red, not blood, but rage,
Consuming my shattered soul.

It takes hold of my mouth,
Pulling, and molding my tongue into,
Dead words, broken, worn dim by those,
Who can't control.

The disgust they behold,
Doesn't satisfy my burned carcass,
Filled with anger's bitter mutany,
Nothing can stop me now.

Except for my own thoughts,
There still breathing...barely,
Crying out in pain to the other side,
My tyrant ire. can't, it won't be mine!
I don't want more will i stand,
For this grim eating at my emotions,
Turning hope to despair.

Suddenly my mouths cave weakens,
The liquid starts to seep at my sweat
Funny how tears can lead to tears, isn't it?
I fall into a welcomed hug.

Riley aka Kaeli

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        09-28-2003     Nancy Pawley        

Riley, as long as poetry comes stright from the heart with a rhythm and flow, it doesn't have to rhyme to be great.

        09-27-2003     Riley Mackenzie        

Yay! im so happy you guys like this one! i kinda got this blast of inspiration and started writing glad you like it, even if it doesn't rhyme ^-^

thanks everyone for getting it this far!
Riley aka Kaeli

        09-27-2003     Janet Owenby        

Excellent Riley , how well you describe these inner emotions.

        09-25-2003     Jessalyn Hamby mean wow! this was great!

        09-25-2003     Christopher Doss        

A lot of emotions here...

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