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A Good Knight Story
Part 2

by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball (Age: 47)
copyright 08-19-2001

Age Rating: 13 +

He entered the house fully intending on taking his required payment from the fair maiden with or without her permission. The minute he stepped in the house however, the vines overgrew the door. The knight heard the door slam shut and turned to check it. It wouldn't budge. It was stuck and grown over as much if not more than when he first approached the house. The knight began to have trouble breathing. The dust in the house began to slowly float in his direction. Then the dust started to gather
and build up and clog his nose and mouth. He tried to get out, he clenched his throat and tried to breathe, he tried to scream only to have his mouth wind up full of the magic dust as well. He tried to scream but to no avail. His thoughts of defiling the lady were quickly forgotten and with his last breath, he apologized for his cruel intentions. The knight collapsed right there at her feet. He lay there, in a clump of black metal... so cold and motionless. The sad eyed maiden began to cry and cry. Not for the knight, but for her situation. Oh.. what to do? What can she do?? What should she do?

She slowly made her way back to the window and stared blankly no longer really hoping to be rescued. She saw another knight, but didnt want to
call out for fear he might have bad intentions as well. She just cried and cried. He was a shiny knight in white armor. He had won prizes for his courage, and bravery. He was pretty proud of his accomplishments
and vainly wore the medals out side of his armor so all could see them. He saw the lady in distress, and began to cut away at the vines, hacking and chopping. He started at one end of the house, trying to meticulously rid it of each and every vine, rid it of all traces that the vine had ever been there. Only, by the time he made it back to where he had started, the vines had begun to grow back over the doors and windows once more.

The knight, who was used to immediate succes and instant gratification, was disillusioned and easily gave up. The desperate maiden pleaded with him, "Please dont leave!" She nearly screamed in a frantic frenzy, "Try once more. I will meet you at the door, only do the door, I will get out before it has a chance to grow back! I will do the rest!" But the knight so lost in his own disappointment rode away and listened not to the maiden's requests. The sad eyed maiden began to cry more. She was lost, her whole world was a blur as she looked at it thru the tears that welled up and had started falling from her eyes.

She had forgotten she used to be known as the fair maiden with the brightest eyes in the kingdom. That all seemed so long ago. She sat at the window now staring but no longer searching. She had given up. The weeds grew in thicker and more dense with each passing day. They covered the house completely except the little tiny window at which she sat staring. She was a prisoner, and there was nothing she could do. The weeds had nearly made it to the small window she was sitting at. She couldn't bare to watch as it got overgrown, so she was about to turn around and banish the thought of seeing the outside forever. She was going to turn, and submerse herself in cleaning the neverending mess, telling herself that this was going to be her life from now on.

She took one last look, and then, all of a sudden! A knight in shining silver armor galloped up to the house on a majestic black stallion. The horse had a shiny black coat, and a wild mane that cascaded down its neck and shoulders gracefully. As the magnificent stead shook its head, a rippling effect went thru its body and shook each massive mighty muscle in turn all the way down its body. The knight stood in thought, looking at the strange bush before him that was shaped like a house. How odd, he thought to himself. And he decided this would be a good place to rest.

He sat against the structure, and pulled out pen and paper. He bagan to work on a song he was composing, and thought this the perfect place to find inspiration. Sir Silver was lost in his thoughts and could not hear the crying maiden if he tried. The world around him was alive and full of other sounds anyway. The sad maiden tried to cry out, but the lump in her throat was too big to swallow or let out any sound. She sat there and began to cry even more. With her head leaning against the partially opened window, gazing down at the knight in his shining silver armor, she cried so hard that the tears fell from her cheeks and splashed on the leaves of the vines and weeds enclosing the house. They began to collect on the leaves just outside the window and drip, and eventually stream down the vines.

Sir Silver felt a splash, and looked at the sky. Why, it was a clear day, how did one single rain drop manage to find its way to him? Hmm.. he wondered for a moment, then shook off the thoughts and began to compose once more. After a moment another drop found its way to Sir Silver and then another. They began to stream down upon him. These rain drops were warm, and not like the usual rain. He jumped to his feet, his armor clattering all around. He looked up, and shining brighter than the sun itself, was the glittering stream of tears rolling down the vine and dropping from leaf to leaf. Hmm.. now that was strange indeed. The stream shone so brightly, he could not see beyond them to the fair maiden from whence they came. The curious Sir Silver set down his paper and pen, and began to climb the vines cautiously at first, then more furious and eager as he followed the trail of tears.

As he neared the window, he heard a sobbing and looked up. He saw the trapped sad eyed maiden looking down, speachless and helpless. He was a kind hearted knight, so sweet, and without any words needed he began to cut away at the vine realizing this was so much more than a mere bush but a house and a home under an evil spell. He was strong, and powerful. And in what seemed no time at all, the house was pretty clear of the restraining vines. He did not try to get rid of them all, he knew that just the essentials had to be done. The door by itself was not enough however. He wanted the windows clear so the fair lady could see the outside and be pleased. He met this fair maiden at the front door. She graciously invited in her shining silver knight. He entered and the minute he did, ....

(To Be Continued...)

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        05-12-2006     BJ Niktabe        

I had planned to do the same to this chapter as I did to the first, but I got so lost in the story, I completely forgot to take notes on the few errors I saw. I can't take the time to reread it, because I HAVE to go on to the next chapter, while the story is still fresh in my mind. Forgive me, Mary... ;) luv ya

        09-05-2001     Beverley McInnis        

Interesting that she doesn't attempt to rescue herself but weeps when no knight is there to save her. But then, I'm the one who usually turns fairy tales around to create strong female images. ~laughing~ Ok, on to the next to see what happens next.

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