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"Break the balls. The one's that control me!" "...Are you sure about this?"

by Debra Rose (Age: 30)
copyright 10-02-2003

Age Rating: 18 +

This is an excerpt from the Diamond Dagger series, the first book in the second set I'm writing. It's the fifth of the full tale. This is just a hilarious scene, and meant to be a teaser, seeing as I'm getting them published soon.

Perry struggled with himself internally as he walked the disgruntled Zack down the hallway to the infamous torture chambers. Trapped in the corner of his mind was the good in him, the part that had escaped his demon birth to follow the soul he had wretched from his father--Lucifer's--hold. It sat, waiting, watching, observing the world with patience for the perfect time to escape this prison of his own insanity. The evil part of him was in control, the one that had tortured his brother's wife to death, killed his children. The one that felt so good to pulse through the veins, caused pleasure beyond repair. But he hated it. Wanted so badly for it not to be there. Wanted so badly to be good. The dear beautiful Pegasus, his neice, was in prison, he her guard, and he didn't want to keep her there, didn't want to watch as his "mistress", Mataya, tortured her for information. And he didn't want to hurt his dear friend Zack, even as the dark skinned man spit out obscenities in drunken slurs that caused his blood to run cold.

Grumbling annoyed, he pulled on the chains again, dragging the struggling soldier down the hallway, the African man glaring up through the shoulder length weaves, black eyes blood shot and face swollen from hits. He refused to move on his own, his stubborn will and pride intact even in the haze of the strongest drugs. Every step of the way he fought, as feeble as it was, but despite the long hours of torture, he refused to be broken. Perry paused, gazing into those deep orbs. The orbs of the one he had been in love with for so long, had been the one help him pick out the engagement ring for his wife. It was that moment when the good Perry stole the chance to escape, and he found himself standing in front of a room containing to glass orbs, swirling with energy. The soul orbs. The only things that could control he and the other slaves. Mataya, the arrogant, foolish goddess of fire she was, had left them unguarded. Why would her faithful slaves try to break them? Besides, they couldn't. They would be killed...but Zack could.

With a sudden definitive air, Perry unchained his hands, and Zack blinked, baffled at the prospect, too inebriated to take advantage of it.

“Zack," Perry snapped, speaking quietly in the voice of a trained slave breaker. "If you don’t want to get tortured anymore, you have to complete this task." Zack watched him suspiciously. "Go break big balls." A long moment of silence followed, and Zack turned his gaze from Perry's eyes, down his stomach to between his legs, then to the crystal balls, then back to Perry's legs.

“Which ones?” he demanded suspiciously.

“The ones that control me,” Perry stated. Zack quirked a brow.

“Again, which ones?” Zack wondered.

“What balls do you think control me?” Perry demanded, amused.

“Well I know that when it comes to me and Shameeka the balls that control me," he mumbled.

“Actually,” Perry said, returning to his old self for a few minutes, “The women control the balls..." the said hurriedly, "But that’s besides the point. Go break Mataya’s balls in the big room.”

“Mataya has balls?” Zack demanded incredulously. “And all this time, here I'm thinking she's a woman! A bitch of a woman, but a woman...So does that mean that he’s gay sense he’s called a queen? Or uber gay because she's a goddess?” It was obvious that the drugs were taking place.

“Mataya is a women. I mean those crystal balls right there,” Perry said pointing into the room. “Go break those.” Zack stared at him blankly a moment, lifting himself from his place where he had been leaning against the wall in his resistance and gaining his balance as the world swam in his drugged haze. Slowly, he stumbled into the room, staring at the glass orbs, pondering how to do this. He slapped one experimentally.

“It’s all warm," he complained. He smacked it again, then hit it, then kicked it. “It’s not breaking.”

“Ram your head into it! Maybe that’s what that three pound lump of nothing is good for!” Perry yelled harshly, beginning to get nervous. Other's could show up any second. This act of insubordination could get him or even his friend death. Zack studied the orbs thoughtfully, before giving a slight shrug.

"You know...that might actually work," he mumbled, backing up dizzily against the wall of the room. He leaned forward, taking the ramming position, head bowed down like the imitation of a bull. Then, with a fast gate of his legs, he ran forward, head ramming straight into an orb. A loud crack sounded, a large crack trailing up the side of a peice of the glass as the large man stumbled back, falling straight on his ass, staring in amazement as the crack spread then suddenly extended out, shattering the ball. The liquid inside spilled out with a loud scream, the swirling blue quickly turning to black as the souls of half of the slaves were released. He stared baffled, forcing himself up and positioning himself to repeat the process on the other orb.

If Perry had been coherent, he would have laughed at the irony, but something was happening in his head, a feeling of being slammed back into his own body. Control returned to him, a chill washing over his muscles and skin shivering. The world seemed to swim and he fell heavily against the wall as control was slowly relinquished back to him.

Over in the room, Zack prepaired himself again, wondering what his wife would say if she could see him now. He could almost hear her talking.

"I always told you, you're a hard headed sonovabitch! Stubborn bastard!" Then she would run her fingers over his wounds, soothing his soar muscles and kiss each laceration. "But I still love you, baby. And I'm proud of you. I'll stay here till you feel better."

Gods...Shameeka. His heart slammed in his chest as he remembered the soft hands of his wife. And he ran forward again, ramming the other orb, watching the process repeat as it began to break apart. 'Soon,' he thought, landing hard once more. 'Soon, my angel...I'll be home...'

“I think you’re right!” Zack called from the room, voice slurred as the liquid washed over him, the acid quickly losing its qualities and turning to nothing more than black water. Perry didn't hear though, for he had his sword drawn, watching as two hooded figures ran down the hallway towards them. They had appeared only moments before the second broke,, and he knew that he had to be prepared. He couldn't afford to be killed. Not now.

Skidding to a halt a few feet away, both forms tore off their hoods. One was dark haired, with deep brown eyes and a Phillipino form. Her features were beautiful, reflecting her mother's, Mataya. The other was a male, sandy brown haired and deep blue eyes, the same color of his name. Michelle and Sapphire held their hands up, and Perry put down the sword.

“Perry!" she gasped. "Thank God I found you! We have to get out of here! Mother is furious! She's going to kill us all!” Michelle cried frantically. The girl, normally calm and composed, was now in a near frenzy at the risk of facing her mother--the only person in the world she couldn't stand up to.

“What about Pegasus?” Perry demanded worriedly.

“I was just in there," came the all-too-calm voice of Sapphire, emotionless, as always, and gruff from unuse. "She’s escaped.” Sapphire glanced over curiously as Zack stumbled out, head wracked in pain and soaked with sweet blood. Slowly, Sapphire licked his lips, remembering the thirst. It had been days since he fed. The blood looked so sweet...

Perry grabbed the near unconscious Zeke, pulling him into his arms and simply turning and running. Michelle and Sapphire needed no urging as they both took off running after him, the three immortals loping along at a pace their human counterparts could never imagine. They dodged past hallways, now surprisingly empty as the slaves had been released from their hell. Near the main gathering area, the sounds of a pre-riot were screaming through the now free servants. All three knew they didn't have long to escape before they too were caught up in the invetibable war between slaves and loyal guards.

“What’s wrong with him?” Michelle wondered as they ran, glancing over to Zeke who lay limply, eyes glazed and watching the world with an almost childish ambition.

“This is a perfect example of why drugs are a problem in all diminsions," Perry replied.

“Crack,” Zack muttered.

“Shut up,” Perry hissed worried that they would be found.

“Up.” Zack said chuckling. “Crack up. Up crack. Shoot up Crack...gods that sounds fun right now," he murmured, his drug induced past coming to surface.

“Do me a favor. Knock him out,” Perry whispered over his shoulder. Sapphire agreed wholeheartedly, the three dodging into a hallway to avoid a group of guards as they ran past, shouting to each other and shoving magazines into their guns the entire while.

“Out.” Zack said. “Up out Crack. Crack out up.” Sapphire gave a slight glance to them, then to Zack, suddenly swinging out. Surprisingly, Zack wrenched himself from Perry's hold and landed on the ground in a crouch, flipping back and against a wall. "What the fuck, you parapalegic sex whore! I'll sic my wife on you! She'll beat you up!" he whined. Sapphire grinned, the ex-spider assassin sliding up smoothly. Zack attempted to dodge away again, but before any of the could blink, Sapphire had his hair twined in his hand, fist punching around and straight into Zack's face. There wasn't even a hesitation between hit and black out, the man crumpling under the hold of the blue eyed teen. Sapphire smirked, literally throwing him at Perry, the brown haired son of Lucifer catching him in his arms and picking him up once more.

" daddy some of that vanilla behind..." he mumbled, and Michelle gave the soldier an odd glance. "I am the true player..." he grumbled before falling completely into his coma of sleep. Michelle snickered.

“If he has a wife, she’s hearing about this when I see her.”

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        08-14-2005     Kat Voletto        

That's just... beautiful. I loved it! I look forward to reading a lot more of this. Please let me know where and when to get them. Your descriptions and creativity are inspiring and uplifting as usual. Thank you so much for sharing this piece!


        06-01-2004     Emily Garwood        

lol amusing makes a change from the serious books i've been reading thanks for that XD

        03-11-2004     Kevin (Buddy) Ales        

A little harsh in language but still good. I think the level should be moved up a little still though, just in case some people as young as I or younger (13) would feel offended.

        02-01-2004     Alyse Marie Chinnock        

You read this to me once quite a while ago and ifell in love with it. Now that i see it a second time i find it even more enjoyable... i hope you post the rest of it for everyone to see...


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