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Someone Special

by Betty Eskdale (Age: 72)
copyright 08-19-2001

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Look! Whos coming down the street?
A big red nose, and funny feet
He makes you want to laugh out loud
See him liven up the crowd?

Were happier when hes around
We love it when he comes to town.
A big parade with floats and bands
With happy people waving hands;

He makes us giggle with his talk,
His silly laugh, his funny walk.
We all want to have him near
When the kids spot him, they cheer!

He wears clothes we wouldnt wear
And just look, is that his hair?
Such a color and such a style
His very image makes us smile

A huge red smile and gloves of white
Youll never seen a funnier sight;
Oh, now hes gone, oh, please dont frown,
Here comes another funny clown!!

He wears makeup and funny clothes
A Shriner, yes, hes one of those
He walks to make us all aware
Of just how much the Shriners care.

He walks to help some others walk
His actions take the place of talk
Young children who need help, just ask!
Hell find a way to do the task.

Shriners have fun but are serious men
They have a job to do, but then
They like to laugh and do good deeds
For children who have special needs.

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        06-03-2002     Betty Eskdale        

Thanks, Les....they are very special guys, they put in a lot of time and hard work for the little ones. When they return from the hospital after visiting the sick kids, they have smiles on their faces but tears in their eyes....

        06-03-2002     Les Heywood        

Great write. I was just expecting a poem about clowns but as I read it turned into a really good message.

        04-01-2001     John Mcleod        

Thanx for the info Betty,I now know!

Great work!


        04-01-2001     John Mcleod        

This is a good poem Betty, I am not familiar with the term "Shriner" But after reading the other comments I see why you have written this.



        04-01-2001     Betty Eskdale        

Thank you ladies, my husband is a clown, as Bunny is more or less telling in her note. He has the sweetest little pal, dressed the same, who pedals a unicycle with the help of the big clown. Everyone loves him, little old ladies and babies want to kiss him, I wish I could show you a picture, had one on share your world but I think it has gone down the tubes.

        04-01-2001     M.E. (Bunny) Eastveld        

Are you talking about Skeezix and Zeke??? Uncle Kenny??? He was always somewhat of a clown but he looks great in his gear...and he does a wonderful job as a clown!! Good poem, Baby!!! Love, Buns

        04-01-2001     Beverley McInnis        

A very sweet tribute to an excellent organization!

        04-01-2001     Betty Eskdale        

Thank you, I just read your poem, I felt unequipped to comment, how sad that children suffer so, it is good to know there are people who want to help!

        04-01-2001     Yuushi Rose        

Absoloutly wonderful. A rather sweet one too. Keep writing, I hope to read more from you. Its uncommon to come across poetry as happy as this.

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