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does he care

by Doug Carlson (Age: 30)
copyright 10-08-2003

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does he care

(I have been asked before and I will say that this is not a true story but it did almost happen so don't worry

Locked in a room you tell yourself
He doesn't care, he doesn't care

Asking for a car and dad says no you tell yourself
He doesn't care, he doesn't care

Asking to go to a party and dad says no
You say He doesn't care, he doesn't care

Asking to go on a date and he says no
He doesn't care, he doesn't care

Driving you home yelling at you
He doesn't care He doesn't care

A gunman shows up and dad takes a bullet for you and you realise he does care, he does care

He dies in a hostpital bed and you see he did care, he did care

Now you have a son and you will care, you will care

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        10-03-2004     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

Great way to express the realization that our parents DO care, despite our teenage angst that would like us to believe otherwise. Oh, btw, realise is realize.

I realized it once when I couldn't go to a party and I was complaining. A well meaning friend sympathized with me and said, "Well, MY Mom let's me go wherever I want. She doesn't care! Isn't that cool?"

Later that night I thought, well... mine does. Then after a bit I thought, "Mine does!"

I found out a month later that my so called friend got pregnant at that party... by my boyfriend! The girl dropped out of school (and my EX boyfriend), moved away, had more kids, struggled a great deal, and then got divorced when he found her in bed with someone else. Go figure. I have never stopped thanking my mom for caring so much and NOT letting ME go to that party!

And the world turns...

        10-01-2004     Pat Kistner        

hey I love this peom you are pretty good keep up the good work!!

        09-16-2004     Tara Manning        

This is brilliant and you say it almost happened?
I like when at first you say he doesn't care but towards the end you say he does care as though to realise that he did from his sons point of view!
This is very good!

        11-05-2003     Debra Rose        

Asking to go o a party and dad says no
Thought you should know you left out a t before to.

This poem left me breathless and almost crying. Wonderful Doug. Absolutely wonderful.

        10-29-2003     Toni Sweeney        

good job

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