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The Ride

by Sammy Anderson (Age: 26)
copyright 10-11-2003

Age Rating: 1 +

Snow Falls like it has many times before
The roads are slick and icey
In an hour we will be in big snow country
Like many times before
People walk by as we pull into BlackJack's parking lot
As we go up the lift the snow still falls
I dream of the pow hits I will soon have
My frozen bindings click into place
We stand at the top of the hill and wait to go
The first turns are rough
but as the runs go on I get better
I scope out a jump ahead of me
I launch off the lip
I feel weightless as I fly through the air
Everything falls into place as I start to rotate
I stick a 720 with style
My board floats over the powder
As I carve I catch an edge and fall
The snow is cold and soft
I roll around and try to get up
I try again and succeed
I point downward again
As I ride through the trees, I wonder how long they've been there
From tree to tree I go weightless
The trees open up and I fall into a backcountry bowl
I hit a drift and stick a Mctwist
I land with style and persue on
I look back and see the rest of the pack
They let me pick the run
And,hey, its kind of fun
Noon approches and the snow stops
The sun shines down
We near the base of the mountain
I think back on the run
I'm very satisfied
I pray there will be more to come

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        08-03-2005     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

It's good.

        04-08-2005     Esther Tsvayg        

i like this poem it's pretty good to start with

        03-31-2005     Angela Toshner        

hey great job. Ski trip. I really wished I wouldnt have missed it. Anyway great write.

        03-20-2005     David Pekrul        

So that is what it feels like to snowboard. This is very descriptive. I have lived in or near the Canadian Rockies all my life, but can you believe it, I have never been skiing. I did water-ski, though, when I was a kid. (I don't know if that counts)

David Pekrul

        02-19-2005     tigerlilly        

Sorry that I'm commenting again on this, but everytime I read this I just feel compelled to say something! Good job Ashley, uhh I mean Sammy.

        01-27-2005     tigerlilly        

i still can't get over this one frass! oOoOoO cheese lol PJ (private joke)

        09-04-2004     Riley Mackenzie        

this is such a nice poem i had to read it again, awesome job!!


        08-11-2004     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

I liked the energy here, and the descriptions were great. Too bad you said you were going to post another poem ( back on 11-09-2003 ) but I don't see any more. *Pout* Please don't keep us hanging any longer. Encore!

        05-27-2004     Riley Mackenzie        

awesome, very cool, its like your taking us for a ride :)

        05-17-2004     Andrea Jeanette DiGiantomasso        

after living in alaska for a few months, i can empathize! good job

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