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A Glorious Year

by Sam Hackel-Butt (Age: 28)
copyright 10-15-2003

Age Rating: 10 +

Something tells me this is not good bye,
But merely a parting of ways.
But why does it hurt so much?
Warning after warning you gave us,
Yes we ignored them out of love.

You loved us, its true.
You proved it by chasing away bad thoughts,
And protecting us from our nightmares.
You sat in our laps even though you were too heavy, and too big.

Wringing the blood out of all those towels,
And washing the blanket made me think how much you have changed our lives.

We are forever swiffering the house,
And spitting hairs out of our mouths.
Always are we cleaning sheets and putting away your toys.

Yet, we do not mind.
You've made us smile with your clever brown eyes,
And made us learn that different species may not be Thrilled about each other,
But enjoy each others company.

I cried for you, barely able to keep the sobs in.
Your future is what worries me.
You came to us when you were a baby,
And you know no other homes.

Hearing your growl, and my brothers painful cry,
Made me wonder if you do love us.
'But ofcourse he loves us,' I assured myself.
But why all the blood?

I don't want you to go,
I love you and need you.
You give me a reason to go outside at 6:30 in the morning for a walk.
You give me a reason to run after you when you stole my sock, or a paper of mine.

My dear friend,
Only this morning you were lying with me as I lay ill,
Nuzzling my cheeks with your wet nose.

I would continue to tell you how much I love you,
But words can't explain.
Hearing my other brothers cries from the other room Make me want to comfort him.
And that I will do.

Ok, very personal. Actual event. The poem is about my dog, Oliver. Over the past year, we've had difficulties with him and biting family members because of food, and time after time, we swore we were be more careful. But tonight, my mothers guard was down and my brother, Ethan, was lying on the couch. Oliver came up and starting sniffing. Then he bit Ethan, obviously thinking he was a threat... That's all i'm going to write about it tonight. I'm tired and need to spend time with Oliver, for he will most likely be given away in the next week.
YAY!! We're keeping Oliver! HURRAH!
Scratch that. He was taken to the SPCA :(

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        05-25-2007     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

It's a good think you've got so many poems submitted! I've only made 71 comments in the last 30 days...I need to get back up to 106 so I'm a four-star CC member! Anyway, about the poem: I saw one error, in the seventh paragraph you have "ofcourse" you need a space in there. :) It's amazing how much pets influence us, eh? You had a great choice of words here, and it had a solid structure. It flowed nicely, and I didn't find my attention span floating off into space at any point in the poem. Good work, keep writing.

Leigh of the Commenting Community

        11-17-2004     Brittney N. Nasca        

Awwwwwwwww! i love it. I had the same prob but my dog wouldn';t bite she just peed on the rug everytime we wouldn;t walk her. :'(

        08-05-2004     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

I obviously don't know abut pets as we had two dogs and couldn't manage either one. Cats on the other hand... we're doing just fine with! :-)

My son loves dogs, though, and I am positive he'll have one when he grows up and gets his own place. For now I'm too busy raising kids and working my tail feathers off to provide for them to train a dog properly. :-(

I hope your pain eases and you find a new source of joy.

Take care,


        11-26-2003     Riley Mackenzie        

Are you sure he bites because of food?i dunno, this is just a wild guess, but it could be because he feels threatened by other neighborhood dogs, or has an easy temper....i know nothing about dogs except that they have a wet nose, 2 eyes, and one mouth lol, so i don't mind if you don't take this under thought

annnyway, good poem, keep it up
Riley aka Kaeli

        11-09-2003     Sam Hackel-Butt        

Thank you!! I will suggest it to my parents. I'll let you know what happens. Thanx again!!

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