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I'll Always Free Your Soul

by Riley Mackenzie (Age: 25)
copyright 11-03-2003

Age Rating: 1 +

Until the birds can't lift,
From Heaven's drift,
Or a silk worms cocoon,
Won't accept beams of moon,
Taking a tune,
Of life's exalted gift,
I'll always free your souls.

Not a second afterward
A sly wave recoils inward,
From mandatory ways,
How a beating plays,
Under sea's glacé rays,
Mother Natures tampered.
I'll cusp the depths of offal.

After droplets demur,
Descending towards safe arbor,
And to nightingales their,
Song is found stark bare,
Flown to remote lands where,
God be the carver,
I'll see to your every care.

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        05-13-2005     Angela Toshner        

great job. MAn i wish i could rhyme like you. If yoou read any of mine you can tell that i am not to good when it comes to rhyming.

        11-07-2003     Riley Mackenzie        

sure! thats sooo cool Debra, thanks ^-^ its so nice to have people like your works

by the way, i think your word usage is more stunning ^-^
Riley aka Kaeli

        11-05-2003     Debra Rose        

Your word usage is absolutely stunning (i'm a sucker for big words ^_^) and I love the way you use them. Also, the way message you portray. Whoever this is written to is so lucky to have you, Riley.

PS (would you mind if I use this poem to put into a small book of poetry I'm giving someone? It's all handwritten, so no worries about it being sold or anything. LOL ^_^)

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