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Wrapped in the Moon Light

by Chelsea Armstrong (Age: 32)
copyright 11-05-2003

Age Rating: 10 +
Wrapped in the Moon Light

They day comes and I wish it would end
Just so that I can sit in my picture window and sit in the moon light.
As the world goes silent
The thoughts in my head are aroused
The only thing I can hear is that voice inside my head that beckons me
She sings her lovely tune inside my head
Sweet as sugar, lovely as teh redest rose
I stand on the hill top where she has beackoned me to stand
Fully wrapped in her light
Nothing more
My naked body dare not shiver
For her light is as warm as the sun

Long hair billowing in the breeze
Crimson eyes filling with tears
I cry out into the great nothingness
"I understand"
With these words said and meant
A transformation takes its place
Little rongs of stars circle around
As a wave of Whitemagic encircles my body
Skirts the color of night
Shirts the color of day
Ribbons the color of the deepest rose
Lips the color of pixie roses
Eyes full of energy
And her ears as keen as a dogs
With it comes a staff of protection
With a garnet that shines as bright as any star

With the knowledge in my head
And the trust of the Goddess above
Ihave become more than a human
I am a savior of sorts
I protect what is right in the world

Before the morning comes
I hear her voice again
"Dear child of mine, use your gifts well. For you must protect the rightous and anialate the wrong. Good luck my child."

As the Dawn aproches the transformation disappears
I am left naked and wrapped in nothing more than the memories of Her voice.

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        01-04-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Where is that hill your standing on...I can't see you, but I'm looking with binoculars...! Great write and so discriptive! Thanks, Anthony

        12-11-2004     Andrew Findlay        

Nice poem.
My favorite senshi is Mercury, and I kind of thought of her as I read it.
Fixing the typos will definitely make this better.

        10-31-2004     Lyle Berry        

Chelsea...this is truly incredible...what imagination and power! It is so vey moivng and expressive and filled with you revealed could not be any is perfection, in my mind...
Warm Regards,

        06-18-2004     Alixandria Warren        

what a great poem i really like it. I could feel this poem and great pictures. Is Saior PLuto your favorite scout. Well she mine and I really like it if you like reading sailormoon and it music here another site that you may like Pluto in the silvermillion or plutospawn .com

        06-15-2004     Sam Hackel-Butt        

Let Charlie guide you :) Small little typos, but he may be able to sort out other ones I missed, or even you. Great poem. Very descriptive. I especially love this like: I am left naked and wrapped in nothing more than the memories of Her voice.

Very breautiful write.


        11-25-2003     Carmen Castillo        

HOW FUN!!! I really like your poem!

        11-25-2003     Jaime Romans        

Chaeck spelling on 7th line, overall beautiful read

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