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Will you remember me?

by Chelsea Armstrong (Age: 31)
copyright 11-05-2003

Age Rating: 18 +
Will you remember me?

Will you remember me when I am no longer there
Will you remember me when you open the window in my empty room?
Will you remember me when you plant my favorite roses in the spring garden?
Will you remember the good times we had when you are sad?
Will you remember to make snow angels when the first snow fall comes?
Will you remember me when the spring rains come?
Will you remember me on my birthday?
Will you remember me when you make my favorite dinner?
Will you remember me when the day of my last breath comes?
Will you remember me when you walk into the house and there is nothing left but the silence?

Will you See me if I came to you in a dream?
Will you believe the words I whisper in your ear?
Will you remember those words when you wake in the morning?

I cannot answer these for you. But only time will tell.

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        04-14-2005     Tori Lang        

This poem left a twinge of sadness in my heart and reminded me of my mother whose birthday it was yesturday, but who died 15 yrs ago in november.
It leaves you wondering what kind of mark you will leave when you pass,and therefore makes you want to be a better person.

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