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Stars of Heaven

by Erica Scott (Age: 26)
copyright 11-06-2003

Age Rating: 1 +
Stars of Heaven

Chapter 1 : A Visit to Remember

Star's wide eyes were very evident once she lowered the book she was reading from her face. Her messenger smiled at the joyful expression that now rested on the young princess's shadowed face. The twelve-year-old jumped out of her large bed, sliding on the white marble floor as she made her way to the full-length mirror that stood at the other end of the room. She quickly slipped on her white paten dress-sandals and fixed up her long violet hair, which was currently styled into a ponytail. After straightening her ankle-length lavender gown, she headed for the 8-foot double-doors, which she pulled with all her strength to open.
As she walked down the palace' upper hallway, her eyes were filled with the beauty and majesty of the place in which she lived. She paused, placing a slender hand on one of the white marble pillars that stood at the head of the staircase that led to the throne room entrance, as well as the exit to the courtyard and garden, which were the favorite places in her kingdom; Zirconia.
She continued down the stairs, meeting her parents--Enoch and Aurora, at the base.

"And where are you going, Star?" Aurora, the queen of Zirconia was a slender woman, a little to skinny, but amazingly beautiful, and dearly loved by her daughter.

"To the courtyard. Chasen said I had a visitor," Star sounded, as well as looked very excited.

A deep voice warned her, "Well, you be careful. You never know what could be out there."

Star sighed deeply. Though she was only 12, she was very mature. "Dad..." She smiled reassuringly. "I'll be fine," She looked into the eyes of her much beloved, yet over-protective parents, and was off.

Practically running down the stairs that led to the courtyard, she looked around for anyone she knew, but saw no one. "Hello--is anyone here?"

"Star!" A pale, black-haired girl hurried towards her.

Star quickly turned towards the familiar voice she had just heard. She broke out in the widest smile anyone had ever seen. "Hotaru!" She ran into the girl's arms and embraced her tightly. How long it had been since she had seen her best friend, Hotaru--the princess of Saturn.


"And so, my parents said I could come and ask you," Hotaru and Star were now in the garden on a large stone bench, reminiscing over old times, and how Hotaru had gotten to the Stars. "So...Do you want to come to the Christmas party on the moon?" Hotaru looked curious as to the response Star would give.

'Pagan idol worshippers.' Star remembered how her grandmother had taught her about the many pagan traditions in the universe. She sighed, wondering what she should say. "Umm, I don't think so..."

Hotaru frowned. "Oh yeah... I forgot." She looked down at the bed she was sitting on. "Well, you could come, but just not participate in the caroling and things. Do you think you could come just for the sleepover and not the celebration?" Hotaru looked into her best friend's eyes.

Star smiled. She knew that Hotaru wanted her there very much, and she hadn't seen Serenity, Small Lady, or any of the other scouts in a long time, and she knew they would be there, so how could she refuse?
"Okay... I'll come." She smiled widely and stood, hugging her friend tightly, knowing that she would have to leave very shortly.


Star stood in the courtyard holding Hotaru's hand, not wanting her to leave. She looked at her, trying to keep tears from flooding her face. "Well, I guess I'll see you, and everyone else on the 24th." She faked a smile for her friend, releasing her hand and embracing her again. "I love you, Hotaru."

Hotaru looked at her friend, smiling widely. "I love you too, Star." And she walked away.

Star smiled, watching her go. She couldn't wait until the 24th--when she would see all of her wonderful friends again.
She turned back towards the courtyard, admiring the beautiful flowers that the garden produced when she noticed a boy who looked about 14 to 15 years old out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head in the direction of the face she saw, but it was gone. 'Who was that?' She wondered, hoping that he was not harmful, but something inside of her told her that she needn't worry about it.

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        07-25-2013     Mae Futter Stein        

This is a very nice story Erica.
A wondrous universal story of Star who is twelve
and her best friend Hotaru, getting ready for a meeting with their wonderful friends again. Her dad warning her to be careful gives her a feeling of his love, as she smiled back at him. It was very interesting and sounds like a continuation of the story to be coming soon. Thank you so much for sharing this world of make believe.

        08-17-2004     Paula Tsvayg        

Oh, I'm very sorry, I forgot to give you praise points! Here you go, great story! You did a really great job!

        08-17-2004     Paula Tsvayg        


        02-17-2004     Kaytlyn Czigan        

I really liked your story.

        01-21-2004     Lyle Berry        

A wonderfully constructed story, which keeps the reader waiting pensively for the next chapter.

Warm Regards,

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