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Unformed Stardust

by Nancy Pawley
copyright 11-20-2003

Age Rating: 4 +
Unformed Stardust

I am unformed stardust, gradually exposed
As well-rehearsed ripplings
An unfolded rite of passage in choreographed waves

Multidirectional spreadings
Eudemon dressed in golden spirits
Benevolent guardian; super-charged sprinkles, natural array

Cloak-and-dagger twists and turns
Colossal coliseum; unfolding action, unhurried stages
Open-ended traveling in undefined dappled spaces

Persistently pursued by dazzling supernovas
Dynamic range, white-hot embraces
The electro-magnetic elements have created

Electro-charged sequins, frosted silver fanfare
Crystal-ball filigree, delicate ornamentation
Elegant developments, solar system grace

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        07-13-2005     Roger Crique        

You have just described, "The Big Bang Theory." How true this is (The Big Bang)is a mystery to me. But I must say that your description of the creation of space is full of wonder and beauty. I'm sure that God has done this many times. We are not alone! I love the imagery in this piece! Thanks, Nancy, for your Big Bang Theory!

        12-05-2003     Kay Lee Kelly        

Lovely I loved this

        11-23-2003     Denny Sisson        

xcellent Nancy. I liked this one a lot.

        11-22-2003     Gregory Christiano        

We are all made of star-stuff. Wonderful metaphors linking us to the stars! Great work!

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