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What About Me?

by Janet Owenby
copyright 11-28-2003

Age Rating: 16 +

I relax in my amniotic pool,
and dream of what my future might be.
You sip Bloody-Mary on a barstool,
without given a second thought to me.

What about me, remember me, mommy?
What about me, I want to be born healthy?

I swim in an intoxicated cesspool
consisting of alcohol, pills, and weed
You play this game of a despondent fool,
contaminating your innocent seed.

What about me, remember me, mommy?
What about me, I want to be born drug-free?

I'm nauseated by your putrid drool,
on which I'm constantly forced to feed.
You forget, protection is the chief rule,
when you fornicate in your lustful greed.

What about me, remember me, mommy?
What about me, your wee, unborn baby?

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        07-26-2010     Amanda Zurenda        

Striking and informative and slightly chilling. Certainly eye opening. I love how you didn't hold back and you used raw emotion rather than try to censor everything. I wish more people thought like this. Well done!

        12-19-2003     Catherine Wilson        

I wish more parents thought like that.

Great Read


        12-03-2003     Irina Guschina        

I agree with Walt. Your comment is so strong and so important!... PLEASE put it in the story section.
Your friend, your reader

        12-01-2003     Walter Jones        

Janet, I do not beleive my email is working to prose-n-poetry site. I am publishing a book of my poems to give to relatives and friends for Christmas. I would like your permission to include the poem we wrote together.
Thanks Walt

        11-30-2003     Walter Jones        

I like your comment more than the poem, please put in the story section. I think there is a need for articles... Voice from the past..

        11-29-2003     Toni Sweeney        

Wonderful poem. I believe this will teach a lesson to thos who drink and do drugs while they are pregnent.
Toni S.

        11-29-2003     Keely Daly        

Wonderful. Wonderful, wonderful!!!!

        11-28-2003     Christopher Doss        

Excellent write! I totally agree with all you said and I understand about being warned about your writing. My father tore up a lot of mine and tried to stop me from writing. Did that stop me?
Really good work Janet

        11-28-2003     Janet Owenby        

I wrote this poem for Aaron Shumacker's challenge on writing deep poetry. Deep poetry in my own personal defintion, which you are more than welcome to disagree with, is a poem that speaks out openly on subjects others would not dare to touch and sends an important message. You have to take off your rose-colored glasses and write outside of the box. Try to see through someone elses eyes, someone elses pain. That is how I write, and why I write. In this poem I chose to give a voice to those unable to speak out, someone has to speak out for them, why not me, and why not you? I have never thought anything was ever accomplished by sweeping trash under the rug accept a rug full of trash that people would keep coming along and tripping over, generation after generation.
And we wonder why we are developing such a dirty little world, perhaps this is why. I say nothing will ever be changed for the better until we all stare it directly in the eye and stand up and try to change this world for the better, stop burying our head to the pain that is hard for us to accept, will that make it go away for those who live in it. No it won't, and perhaps nothing will, but as long as I believe I can touch one life, I won't stop trying. Even if they stone me to death. Lol trust me I have had a few stones thrown at me for standing up for what I believe in, but I just rubbed my bruises and kept coming back for more. I am not sure If I am just plain stubborn, just determined, or just insane, but which ever the case, don't ask me to change what I am and what I stand for, because you will be wasting precious breath.
Many times I have been warned about what I choose to write about, that is why I made this comment. Yes, most of my poetry is sad, and sometimes it may even anger people, but trust me out there somewhere there is one person I need to reach out too and this is how I do it.

        11-28-2003     Gregory Christiano        

Alcohol and pregnancy don't mix...very true. Important message, masterfully expressed.
Warm regards,

        11-28-2003     Praveen Agnihotri        

Very Good Janet!
You really are, a poetess with a purpose.A purpose makes everything we do an enlivable experience,and what to say if that purpose is for the good of humanity.

        11-28-2003     Debra Rose        

This is an absolutely amazing work with a clear message that needs to be said and rarely is. Wonderful job, Janet! Amazing

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