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Forever in my Heart

by Regina S.
copyright 12-03-2003

Age Rating: 4 +

The musicís playing softly,
Christmas love songs fill the air.
I hug my pillow, close my eyes,
life is so not fair.

I still can feel your warming touch,
your sweet butterfly kisses,
your stupid jokes, your puppy eyes,
your corny, senseless disses.

I think about you every day,
youíre in my dreams at night.
I miss the way you would make up
after every little fight.

I miss you more than words can say
youíre in my every prayer,
youíre stuck halfway around the world,
but somehow Iíll get there.

They say love knows no distance,
and in a way, thatís sort of true.
Iíll never tell it to your face,
but I really do love you.

I guess I can be patient
itís not like weíre far apart,
youíll always be within my thoughts
and forever in my heart.

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        09-30-2004     Travis Bauer        

This is what I'd call a perfect poem...I'm just filled with awe at this. The poem I read earlier of yours, you left a comment say you'd stay away from this kind of writing...But you have a real talent for it. Great write.
Travis B.

        09-20-2004     Angela Toshner        

this is really good. I have to say being almost 15 and never haveing a boyfriend yet does something to ya. but still this poem was really good and i loved it!

        08-09-2004     Paul Kangas        

Hey you!

I just felt like reviewing this poem again ^_^

        12-07-2003     Jackie Edwards        

Very nice peom! ^_^

        12-07-2003     Kevin (Buddy) Ales        

Touching and sweet. A beautiful poem if i may say so. :)
Happy Writing!

        12-06-2003     Paul Kangas        

hey Reggie! I STARTED A SERIAL ABOUT MY SOCIAL LIFE AT SCHOOL AND STUFF!!! cheak it out. its in workshop at my home page! Its called 'My Diary'

        12-06-2003     Kristy Rog        

i agree on paul this poem is AMAZING!! and it also makes me want to cry! it is a nice sweet poem, that what poems i like! great work regina keep it up !!

        12-05-2003     Moses Hochstetler        

I loved your wonderful conclusion to this poem, Regina. delightfully heart-Warming.


        12-04-2003     Paul Kangas        


        12-04-2003     Jessalyn Hamby        

Wow great poem.

        12-04-2003     Regina S.        

Thanks Greg! Actually, he's just as patriotic as Bugs Bunny, but I guess you can infer that from the poem! :P ^-^

        12-04-2003     Gregory Christiano        

Sounds like he's a soldier overseas! Deeply felt with great sentiment, and truly sad as well. Nice job Regina!

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