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Memories in the Snowball

by Cortney Jaruzel (Age: 27)
copyright 12-04-2003

Age Rating: 10 +

The snow falls gently,
I stick out my tongue,
catching snowflakes,
remember how wed have so much fun?
The snowball holds the memories,
As we would make some more,
Still, there is no way it should melt,
But Ill no long be next door.
The world changes,
Yes, I understand,
But i can't let the snowball changed,
As I let everything else, i hold it in my hand.
I kissed the snowball,
For a kiss to you from me,
You're my best friend,
Through this snowball i can see.
I'm sorry if I change,
I'll always remain just me,
Always and forever,
Is the way it should be.
Tomorrow is when Ill smile,
Smile just for you,
'Cause today makes me cry,
For thinking of me and you.
You live your life beautifully,
and to the fullest,
but remember the snow,
without us catching snowflakes is the days coldest.
So, I'm passing this snowball I started,
Down to you and in your hand,
Never let it melt, not a tear,
Forever I am your friend...

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