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by Regina S.
copyright 12-14-2003
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 4 +

I left footprints in the sand one day
running along the shore,
the sparkling waves washed them away
for others to make more.

I left footprints in the snow one night
beneath a full moon's sky,
the morning melted them away
and left me wondering why.

I left footprints on a heart one time,
once when we laughed and played,
and though I'm miles and miles away,
I know they'll never fade.

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        05-01-2013     Walter Jones        

a grasp of both time and mind mingle in a voice screaming, so much left to the page and canvas, perfection lives and die in the minds of those find reality in the write of other, I have a huge smile.. Walt

        08-03-2004     Emily Garwood        

nice comparison about the footprints in ordinary things compared to the footprints left in someones heart...nice write


        07-29-2004     Jack Curson        

Excellent write Regina, brings back fond memories of when I was in the Army and my now wife lived in California.

        06-02-2004     Anne Whelmer        

This is such a great poem, Reggie. It shows wonderful expression and it flows perfectly. Beautiful piece.


        03-11-2004     Matthew Czigan        

you tlk about world war 3 paul... better make sure the M16 aint jammed.


        03-03-2004     Anne Whelmer        

'For others to make more' beautiful line!

        12-27-2003     Gregory Christiano        

Absolutely perfect. Marvelous expression of deep emtotion and imagination.

        12-21-2003     Christopher Doss        

I think out of all of your poems I have read, this is my favorite so far. Very nice

        12-19-2003     Moses Hochstetler        

This one is about as perfect as it gets, Regina! A really great short poem, and one that you can treasure forever!


        12-15-2003     Regina S.        

I'M GETTING BACK AT ALL OF YOU PEOPLE, JUST YOU WAIT! Revenge WILL be mine! *evil laugh* n_n

        12-15-2003     Paul Kangas        

IM GONNA GET BACK AT U TONI!!! hehehehe...along with mardi and regina! World war 3 has started, oh i love this poem, no, it was dredful, just kiddin'
very good, i like this!

        12-14-2003     Joan Jotz        

Hi Regina,
This is a very nice poem. You have a good rhythm going,and the repetition of the 'footprints' accents the verse and gives continuity.
I like the twist in the last stanza...whre in the others the footprints somehow get erased, in the last stanza you show us that some impressions will last forever. Nice Job!!


        12-14-2003     Toni Sweeney        

Great job Reggie. And are you going to get Paul back. I am dying to know.
Toni S.

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