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by Nancy Pawley
copyright 02-07-2004

Age Rating: 13 +

The sharkskin predator lives easy, swimming underneath
recessed reflections; the sunken shipwreck’s bitter sheath
Insulated from the outer world, he floats in ultra-modern dark-hole climes
Devoted to marauding clamors, his religion spans unending time

He’s the center of disturbed attention, no injuries the world can see
Intricate obligations, quick-trigger interweavings, affordability
His modus operandi; disable, slice and dice your inner S.W.A.T. team
Sheet lightning his consoling rules, zigzag get-rich-quick-scheme

His thirst is never quenched; his utter silence much too hard to bear
You bleed fresh screams that no one hears, milque-toast doctrinaire
Archived thoughts resisting healthy healing, ancient blue-print disappears
Score one more taste of crystal coke; righteous tones ring bright and clear

You offer him devout devotion; praise the universal powers that be
That’s when the rolling sound-waves cease, hopes are dashed abruptly
You’ll go and worship once again at the Fallen Angels Holy Shrine
Inhale powdery cherub incense; sharp discipleship, cutting razor-line

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        05-13-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Why is it I find these poems to read on friday the thirteenth? maybe God is having fun with me today. This is another scary write. Sharks are so spooky, they live a long time just going around and eating all that they see! Get out of the water!!! lol I like this poem a lot even though I had to read it with a dictionary. Thanks, Anthony

        03-03-2004     Lyle Berry        

Great imagery and tremendous impact - a one-two punch in words. Loved it!


        02-21-2004     Joan Jotz        

Quite good use of the metaphor. Well written, never letting the reader catch their breath.
Expertly done.

        02-20-2004     Regina S.        

This is a really great and descriptive poem, but did you HAVE to write about sharks!? Sharks are one of the very few animals that seriously creep me out! I'd rather be in a room filled with Turantulas (sp?)! Why can't you write about bunnies or ponies instead? Lol, jk, but you can stand to make them seem more evil! they are one of the worst creatures that never walked the earth!! :p

        02-10-2004     Emily Garwood        

it's really good! and you describe things really really well i enjoyed the read! ^-^

        02-08-2004     Moses Hochstetler        

Wow, Nancy, this is powerful. You continue to surprise and amaze me with the dexterity of your writing style - one never knows what to expect.
This is marvelous poetry.

Best wishes,

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