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Make Me Bleed

by Amanda Benham (Age: 31)
copyright 02-11-2004

Age Rating: 13 +

As I swallow the lump in my chest,
I begin to choke on thoughts of you,
Sucking down ashes of sympathy,
Needles sticking into me as I breathe,
What is the reason for your distant heart?
Are you afraid to let me down and disappoint me
Or are you just too scared to fly away?
The walls tumble down on my aching soul,
Knives of hurt stick down deep in my heart,
Blood flows down at your feet,
Can you not see the bloodshed that is me?
Am I just a plague on your selfish soul?
Am I so easy to just dismiss?
Do I make your lonely heart bleed?
Push away the sweet visions of heaven,
And crawl away with me into this crimson hell,
Condemed forever inside our truth and lies,
Cluthcing golden pistols of sweet redemption,
Praying for God to make us bleed again,
Trapped and lost in a pit of sin,
Crying out for our blood to be spilled,
We are dead inside our misery,
Calling out to bleed again.

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        08-04-2004     Lyle Berry        

Lots of power, and emotion. Great stuff!
Warm Regards,

        02-20-2004     Emily Garwood        

good! it's on the main page like it should be ^-^ keep up the good work!

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