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Recipe for Friendship

by Regina S.
copyright 02-15-2004

Age Rating: 1 +

1 cup of sugar
2 of spice
something broken
something nice

2 bright hearts
that beat as one
some memories
and loads of fun

1 package of laughs
1 gallon of tears
a lifetime of smiles
some listening ears

1 box of hugs
as big as you like
1 package of kisses
some Mike & Ike

Fuzzy feelings
sleepful nights
secret handshakes
brutal fights

A box of teases
2 cups of pranks
a thousand 'sorries'
a million 'thanks'

Mix together
let it grow
store someplace safe
and watch it glow.

The more the joy
the better the taste
don't let a friendship
go to waste.

Try it out
and when you're done
share this poem
with everyone!

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        05-08-2004     Jessica May        

wow, this is amazing!!!!!

        02-19-2004     Nancy Pawley        

Regina, this is a recipe that everyone can's wonderful.

        02-18-2004     Jennifer Campbell-Kletzli        

Wow! Thats all I can say... Wow. AWESOME poem!


        02-17-2004     Gregory Christiano        

Very nice Regina - a recipe that is sure to work!

        02-15-2004     Toni Sweeney        

WOW!!!!This is such an awesome poem. This poem deserves a perfect 10.
Toni S.

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