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The World

by Kevin (Buddy) Ales (Age: 27)
copyright 03-15-2004
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 10 +

The world is crazy
or so I think.
So much publicity
and such things.

Once a clean place
it is now unhealthy
and after ages of humanity
the world will soon
cease to a halt.

When God made the world
did he expect this?
I certainly hope
he didn't want this.

If he did
I think he's nuts.
Though he may have intended
for the world
to cease to live.

What is the world
coming to?
So dirty and rude,

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        04-25-2006     Kevin (Buddy) Ales        

The way I tend to feel about things is that if you want to do something stupid that will harm yourself, go right ahead. Smoking, I feel, is included in that. But its the things that destroy nature which I do not like, and the way every bashes everybody else! It makes me so mad to see those things going on in everyday life, especially when they start at such a young age. Everyone at school has to bash everyone else about something.. I just sit back and watch. That's what has led me to be such a relaxed person generally. Of course, I am stressed by those oh-too-soon deadlines and whatnot, but not the people. That's the way several friends of mine and myself all are, we just stand around and watch. But I think smoking is up to the person (I'm always around smokers), I think drinking is up to the people (I sure know some fun drunks ^_^), and drugs are okay if it is like Marijuana but only if it is limited and you don't become hooked. Oh well, I can't change the world, at least not yet. ;-) I simply have to wait until I'm such a good speaker that people will all listen to me, then come the seminars! Mwahaha!

        04-15-2006     Shannon Walter        

Your poem is very true. I often ask myself "What is the world coming to?" People take our world for granted. They pollute and they don't realize that they are not only destroying the world, but they are destroying themselves and others. It's ashame what people do. Like smoking, so many people do it, all over the world, all the time. If we all stopped or at least cut down smoking, I think the world would be a cleaner and healthier place.

        07-15-2004     Christopher Doss        

lol...I like this. The last line says it all. You can't get away from it.

        06-13-2004     Kevin (Buddy) Ales        

I still don't think people aren't getting the concept that this is a free verse poem. There is little polishing it up. Yes, I have the comparisons hidden within' the poem. I am comparing the world and politics!

        05-17-2004     Andrea Jeanette DiGiantomasso        

so true, politics are what kill us. I think God knew it was gonna happen, and sat back and watched, tweaking it occaisionally. still, i love the poem, but the lines are a bit choppy. i give it a two, but polish it up and it could be a five piece! really powerful theme.

        05-07-2004     Jack Curson        

I would tend to believe that the nature condition of man is to blame for the world we live in. But nonetheless, this is a good write.

        04-30-2004     Debra Rose        

LOL! Buddy, this was so great! I think it was the ending line that really got me. Socrates said something like that once. "If you wish to make a difference and never become corrupt, then avoid politics at all costs."

Great job, Buddy. I can see why you won for this!

        04-24-2004     Riley Mackenzie        

i like the way you see things, but are you comparing it with something? its good but it would give a clearer picture if your understanding if you gave more detail and examples

...gosh i sound like my teacher :(

        04-01-2004     Emily Garwood        

really good poem about our world today and in many ways politics is involved, great work

        03-16-2004     Stefanie Mendoza        

Haha! I really love the last line! You have no idea how right you are! I blame the condition of the world on politics!!! And for the record, if God did want the world to be like this, then he must be getting one hell of a show! Good job!


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