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by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 04-13-2004

Age Rating: 10 +

I cried at the thought of dawn
No other person could ever know
The feeling deep in my heart
Choices to live or die
Burned heavy upon the
Choice I was to make

Answer me “did you….”
I bowed my head low
Tears streamed down my cheek
Knowing by not answering death
Would be my reward
Rope thrown over the limb

Bright sunshine filled my eyes
No hood was not time
Sound of soldiers pounding ground
Less than a mile or two a way
She would be across the line by now
Safe in the arms of her mother

Death does not bring a sting
Not for those who die
A sudden jolt job done
Silence except for a rope
The thud of rope cut body fall
Payment in blood

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        04-15-2013     theredrose        

Goodness me!
I read this three times before I felt able to comment.
The initial thought brought to my mind was the scene in The Green Mile when John Coffey is cradling the two dead girls. I know that it seems incongruous with what you have written but my overriding impression was one of rough justice and lynch mob mentality. Then I read again and this was more and more reinforced. Very powerful writing.

        04-18-2004     Kay Lee Kelly        

Yikes !! great work!

        04-15-2004     Stefanie Mendoza        

Grahr! Your writing always makes me think far more then my lazy teenaged brain can handle.... *grumblegrumble* Though I have to give credit where credit is due...... you just have such a way of leaving the barest of hints, leading the reader to come to their own conclusion, though for the most part it seems as though you bring them around to what you already had in mind all the while making them think that they are all insightful and did it on their own *pantpant*.. I think I just confused myself....... O.o.... A wonderfully crafted write about self-sacrifice and consequence ..... (unless you failed in leading me to your pre-determined conclusion.... >.< ) Lol.... just for making me think so much I hope my comment proves to be confusing and ..... uhm.... thought provoking! Great job Walt!!


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