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Top 20 Silly Sailor Moon Parts YAY!

by Lauren Turner
copyright 05-19-2004

Age Rating: 4 +
Top 20 Silly Sailor Moon Parts YAY!

2o.When Usagi and Rei Stick out their tongues at each other.
19.When the Amazoness Quartet Call Zerconia 'Zerk the jerk'
18 Serena grows in her sleeping in Chibi moon's PJs
17 Usagi's cookies tase like Cardboard
16. When Usagi is "The Red Ninja of love"
15. When Usagi and Raye fight and their heads get big.
14. When Usagi tries to lie about the test scores.
13. When Makoto,Minako,Ami,Rei and Usagi find out that Haruka is a girl.
12. When Usagi has to be a witch in a play.
11.When Usagi gets a bucket on her foot and chrashes into file cabnets.
10. Usagi in her wide pink pjs.
9. When Usagi screams at Rini for eating her pie
8. When Usagi is practicing for her play
7. When Usagi is eating a cookie (its realy funny if you've seen the ep. when she's at Rei's house and she's eating a cookie)
6. When Ami doesn't leave serena any thing to eat.
5. Usagi sees her self as sailor moon for the first time
4. When Minako is two timing and when she's in her room saying she'll make the best of it.
3. When Minako and Makoto find out the guy they like already has a kid.
Keep on checking back I'll have more!

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        05-26-2004     Toni Sweeney        

Can't wait for the next 18. Please email me when you are finished. Thanks.
Toni S.

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