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/Sensations of Summer

by tigerlilly
copyright 06-10-2004

Age Rating: 1 +

I can taste it, see it, smell it, hear it.
I can feel the feeling of relief,
Walking into an air conditioned building
after being in the scorching heat.
I smell the bold, odors of flowers
Planted in every corner of the yard.
I can feel the breeze caressing my skin,
As I walk through the warm air.
I can taste the refreshing blast
Of cool, lemonade hitting my tongue.
I can see the small animals frolicking
About in their outside playground.
I can smell the overpowering smoke
Coming from the grill at dinner time.
I can feel the rush of jumping into
A crisp, clean lake off the dock,
The sparkling water calling.
I can feel the freedom of no school,
And being able to do what I please.
I can taste the delicious, sweet
Vanilla ice cream dripping down the cone
Making little white lakes on the ground.
I can feel the cold, comforting tingle
Of grass rubbing against my feet.
I can smell the aroma of a camp fire
Burning in the dark starry night.
I can taste the ooey gooey,
Sticky marshmallows that melt
Inside my mouth, tasting part of the
Charred edges on the very bottom.
I can feel the wind whipping my face
Gently as I ride my bike down the street.
I can hear the bang bang of beautiful
Fireworks going off on Independence Day.
I can hear the loud motor of boats speeding by
Creating wakes as large as a hot air balloon.
I can see the bright, sparkling lights of the
Rides during the annual county fair.
I can smell the foods they serve ranging from
Sweet but salty kettle corn, to scrumptious,
Pink cotton candy and sticky caramel apples.
I can hear the noisy lawn mower cutting by,
Producing that fresh cut grass aroma.
I can feel the painful cuts and bruises from
Accidents that happen from random things.
I can see the birds playing in the trees with
Their carefree intuition leading their lives.
I can feel the relaxation of sleeping in until
Your eyes just open in the late morning.
I can taste the fresh fruit that cools down
Your mouth like the summer melons they sell.
I can feel the freezing, rejuvenating trickle of
Water when running through the sprinkler.
I can hear the frightening bang of thunder,
Followed by the blinding flash of lightening
That awakens the spirit at all times.
This is the glorious time of summer,
My favorite season, in which everything
Seems to be perfect, serene, yet alive.

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        07-26-2004     Sarah Barrett        

wow that is a great poem and it is really long to I wish I could write like that you are very good. How long have you been in prose-n-poetry? I hope you become a wonderful poet when you grow up! keep up the wonderful work!!

        07-19-2004     Sammy Anderson        

This really sounds like summer to me if I have ever expeirienced it!

        07-19-2004     Sammy Anderson        

        06-13-2004     Jessica May        

:-D i like this a lot! haha, keep on writing!

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