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missing Things

by Leah Garrison (Age: 29)
copyright 06-21-2004

Age Rating: 13 +

I don't focus
on the things I should
rather on other things
more fascinating
like anthills and bookshelves
and "thinking of you" cards
in the card aisle.

I don't focus
the way people want me to focus
I'm too curious
too sporadic
like finding out how much a duck weighs
and how many times I can touch
something before someone says I'll break it.

people say I miss
a lot of very important
hey, I'm gleaning lots
of information,
maybe not the kind YOU
consider matters of life or death.

when people say
I'm missing out on what they deem
the most educational
parts of an experience,
I tell them all the wonderful
bits of knowledge I found
while they were busy
NOT missing things.

when I look at something
I'm not missing everything else.
I HAVE that very thing.
I have it.
I'm not missing anything.

but I am missing something.
something important.
I am looking at something and not finding
anything out about it.
it is the only
way to miss things:

to look at the absence
of a person.

oh, how I miss him.

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        07-09-2004     Jeniffer Brand        

That was "very" nice. I've enjoyed that a lot. Kinda reminds me of myself now and then.

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