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Dreams do come true

by Paula Tsvayg (Age: 24)
copyright 07-29-2004

Age Rating: 7 +
Dreams do come true

"Go, Irina, don't be scared," my friend Amanda hisses in my ear.
I stumble across the room then turn and head to the girl's bathroom. But Amanda's too fast for me. After all, she is on the track team.
She leads me to Jake, my crush since second grade. He's perfect. He's sweet, nice, thoughtful, shy, cute, charming, smart, the whole package. You know, that one perfect guy that has tons of admirers, but brushes them back, telling them he's looking for The One. We are very similar, and have the same interests. I once read in a magazine that we are perfect for eachother.
Amanda pushes me at Jake and tells him "Gina wants to
tell you something." She rushes away leaving us together. I look into his gorgeous blue eyes, and he stares back into my green ones. I brush back a lock of my brown curly hair. I look at him. And silently we share a bond that it takes years to make.
"I was wondering..." I trailed off locking my eyes on my Reeboks. The first words I'd ever said to him besides saying "Could you pass the green crayon," in Science when we were supposed to draw a garden.
He answers me." I'd love to go the Spring Fling with you, Irina."
See, we can even read each other's minds!
We hold hands and go outside the school. We sit on the bench.
Then he leans closer to me. I could smell his cologne.
Then he looks up at me and says quietly "I love you, Irina. Have since the first time I saw you. Loved you when you laughed. Admired you when you raised your hands with the right answer. I loved you more as we grew older."
Taking my hand in his he kisses me for at least a minute. I kiss him back. I don't want this moment to end. It was like a scene from Cinderella. A prince kissing a common girl.
The most soulful kiss I ever endured.
Two years later we got married. We now have two children, Chris and Caitlin. Chris looks just like his father. Caitlin looks just like me when I was her age.

Turns out I was The One.

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        09-03-2005     Anna Tkachenko        

The dream of every girl true love with one happy end, i wish all our dreams someday come true, but we didn`t get everything we want in your live.
The story was very cute and i like it, i think it deserves 3 points. Keep trying!

        05-30-2005     Jane Lee        

Cute and romantic story. But not always dreams come true. About 1/3 people in the world ever get what they want in life.

        05-18-2005     Shannon Walter        

awwwwwwwwwwww that was so romatic thets what i would like the guy i do for me. um this not a true story right because your bio says 11.

        12-20-2004     Lauren Turner        


        11-29-2004     SamiJo Mcquiston        

OOOO, I love it when true love endures.
It just makes you feel all warm and bubbly on the inside, kind of like hot chocolate.
Keep up the good work!

        08-08-2004     Emily Garwood        

very cute story and interesting too i'm off to your next story...these are really good!!

        07-30-2004     Sam Hackel-Butt        

Awww! That's so sweet ^-^

The only things I found were that certain things were repeated from other stories, but hey, that's your style! Remember, space after punctuation marks. I think you kept that in mind, cause i only spotted a few. Your writing is definitly getting better ^_^

Do I sence a girlish fantasy? :P
And i'm guessing they were just finnishing highschool?

Keep writing!!

-Sammy ^.~

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