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Why did you Grow Wings Without Me?

by Delaney Lindley (Age: 27)
copyright 07-31-2004

Age Rating: 10 +
Why did you Grow Wings Without Me?

As The girl’s dreams bid her farewell
Flown off into the midnight sky
On the faded and forgotten wings
The Pegasus went off to die
Leaving the child with its molted feathers behind it
A trail to the land in the sky, it turned its head
And bid the child goodbye
Then unto the heavens the sky broke apart
As the stars shattered and fell to the earth below
Its horn fell to the ground and shimmered one last time
Till the waves crashed and took its shimmer away
And broke the horn into millions of grains of sand
And the feathers mixed with the girls tears
And flew themselves away

The girl cried for the world
The magic that was lost
The pain and the suffering the creature had left behind
Not having enough time to heal
The people thought the creature strange
Wanted its horn and made the planet lose magic
Once and for all
The stars would shut themselves out
And the sun would no longer shine
Covered by the endless clouds

And yet the girl stood as she watched the feathers
Fly away in the air
Left alone with a single feather
She held momentarily in her hand
And let it go with a bitter tear
As resentment soon set in
And weighed down her heart
“Why did you grow wings without me?”
She wondered as she stood on the ground
Watching as the creature faded from sight
And the sky shut closed the gates

The girl cried one last tear as she huddled on a rock
As the rain caressed her and offered little comfort
She wondered to whoever was listening
“Why did you grow wings without me?”

The magic sparkled one last time
And flew away from within her
A magical dreamer that would never die
A child, a friend, a sinner

The fallen angel with gossamer wings
Tarnished and falling
Lost forever.


This poem was inspired by a picture I saw a while ago of a girl watching as a battered and bruised pegasus+unicorn fly off into the air and it was really dark and there weren't any stars. It was just so touching, so I wrote this. Hope you like it!

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        08-06-2004     Jackie Edwards        

It's a very good poem.

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