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Coolest TV Themes!!!

by chibimars
copyright 08-03-2004

Age Rating: 10 +

Hey All,
Sorry I haven't been around lately. I just went to Salem yesterday and before that to newport. So I'm having a busy summer. So here's my MoonNote Topic: Best and Coolest TV SHOW THEMES!!!! I'll list mine, you list yours. Here we go (LOL):
1. The Green Acres Theme (It's way catchy, but the show can be pretty bad)
2. Fairly Oddparents (Luv the lyrics)
3. American Idol (It's just so darn COOL)
4. Bewitched Theme Song (The tune is great and the animation is cute :) LOL)
5. I Dream of Jeannie (Second theme in color, luv it for same reason as Bewitched)
6. Wonder Woman (It's got funky words and funky tunes!)
7. Little House on the Prairie (Don't laugh. I made up a ballet dance to this one)
There's mine. Wat's urs?

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        12-17-2004     Andrew Findlay        

All the Sailor Moon themes are cool of course!

        09-02-2004     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

Hmm... I like the CHEERS theme, the LAST AMERICAN HERO theme, and COPS theme (you know, Bad boys Bad boys, what ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when they come for you - Bad Boys! Bad Boys!).

I even have one of those silly little dancing hamsters dressed as a police officer that sings that song. It cracks me up every time!

        08-04-2004     hedwig        

I like all the Inuyasha songs. My most favorite is Fukai Moria. Well I think thats the one that has Inuyasha's brother at the end, not sure.
And the Degrassi theme song!
The Clueless theme song, the pictures fit with the song.
The IMX theme song, I wish they would change the pictures though.
The Mixtape Mixdown theme song, I like getting up and singing the "I love the way I like to look at you!" lol, Well thats it.

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