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by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball (Age: 47)
copyright 08-12-2004
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 4 +

She's deep pools of feeling emotion
trying her best to let it out
She says so much with every movement
with ne'er a scream or shout

She's concerned when tension's high
And she's at ease when it's not
Oh! And she's there for me every night
Her loyalty must'nt be forgot

Some things that amaze me about her
Include both her agility and speed
She always lands on her feet- every time
And quietly reminds us of any need

Days and nights are full of frisky play
I'd say I love everything about her
But then there was that gift she gave
Oh, poor mouse, I'd rather not remember

She's a warm companion in the winter
A playmate all year round
She's the best pet I have ever had
That flies or walks the ground

Her name is Leggo, spelled with two G's
She's our cat, given by Dick, a dying friend
We love her for the wonders all her own
And the memories of Dick that'll never end!

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        05-11-2009     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

Mia sounds like Leggo! LOL. Thanks again, for reading so many of my works Lauren. That was really nice and I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself!!!

        05-09-2009     Lauren Turner        

I love the emotions, the images..they're so vivid. Like all your poems, this one is beautiful. You deserved to win the contest! <3

I got 3 cats, Sam, Martin and Mia. xD Mia is a little fiesty one! <3

        05-02-2009     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

Glad you enjoyed, DJ. I knew you would! LOL. Love you too! And hurry up and get home. She meows like the dickens when you're not here!!! LOL

        04-22-2009     D.j. Feutz        

HEY THATS MY Princes!!! YAY lol i know you read this to me a wile ago but i had to read and leave a comment lol love you i cant wait to get home and pet her and love her and call her... not George lol thx for writing this mom

        09-08-2004     Jeniffer Brand        

Yes, I gave you the contest winner and 5 points! I JUST got another kitten of 7 weeks. His name is Lewis Shakil (shak because he has big feet, 6 toes on each foot). He's soooo cute. And soooo active! I now have a total of 3 cats in my house. Jasmin Marie (10 years), Vinny G (2 years), and Lewis Shakil (7 weeks). No more!!!

        09-07-2004     Nancy Pawley        


I love your poem, and I'm sure that Dick would agree. We've only had our cat for 6 months, but she sure livens up the house with her antics. Her name is Tippy, and she's made fast friends with our 2 dogs.


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