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I got a kitten!

by Sarah Barrett (Age: 24)
copyright 08-17-2004

Age Rating: 1 +
I got a kitten!
Picture Credits: My kitty Raven!

I got a kitten yes I do!
I got a kitten how 'bout you?
I got a kitten yes I do!
I got a kitten and so do You!

I don't really have a kitten though, I just felt like writing this.

This isn't really my cat I just found a really cute picture of a cat.

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        02-09-2014     Mike Farr        

Hello Sarah,

I love it!

I got a kitten just like you,
I got a kitten in a picture to,
It doesnít scratch or cry at all,
It stays in its frame against the wall,
It doesnít pee or mess the floor,
Itís the kind of kitten I adore,
Actually itís not a kitten; itís a Really Big, Big Tiger,
But what the heck,

Your little picture poem pushed my inspiration button,
Great job,

        09-29-2010     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Very cute! The little kitten in the picture you added was a very adorable touch, too. This poem could use a bit of editing, just a few commas here and there, but it was still very fun to read!

~Leigh of the Commenting Community

        06-29-2007     Megan Cox        

Too cute! I love kittens, and even though you didn't really get one, it's kinda like what little kids do. Like, oh I got a puppy, and he's awesome! Ha ha, you don't have one! Oh, you do? Oh, well! Anyhow, adorable! I love it!
Erbarley! Meg C.

        09-27-2004     Stefanie Mendoza        

I've got quite a few kittens! Well, 4 to be exact. I wonder if whoever you got the picture from will see the poem you wrote for it? Heh, very cute!


        09-19-2004     chibimars        

srry I meant CUTE poem! lol

        09-19-2004     chibimars        

cut poem, Sarah! My mom's allergic to fur...So i have a bird, fish, and a frog.

        09-02-2004     Sarah Barrett        

wow thats a lot.
My moms friend had 6 birds and 4 cats. to my surprise the cats don't eat the the birds. They don't even bother them.
Thanks for reading!

        09-02-2004     Kaitie Mcquiston        

i have 6 cats i have a soft spot i guess you could say but it was a very cute pome..and its happy.I enjoyed.simple but meaningful

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