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The Story of Mika and Me (Companion to Good-bye My Friends)

by Jane Lee (Age: 23)
copyright 09-01-2004

Age Rating: 7 +

Mika and I lived in the same neighborhood but I didn't know until it was the first day of 1st grade. Mika rode on the bus on the second stop and I rode on the first. But by the second stop there wasn't any empty space so she sat down with me. At that time I didn't know English that well because I came to America when I was only 3 years old from Korea. I was perfect in Korean but not very good in English. Even though I couldn't speak in my mind I was thinking, why is she sitting next to me there are plenty more people to sit with. To this day I still don't know why she did.
For the rest of the year she did the same thing. Around 2nd grade I finally was a little friendly with Mika.
The summer of 2nd grade passed and it was time to go to 3rd grade. I didn't know that Mika, me and another friend Mandy were going to be in the homeroom together. I already knew Mika because she sat with me all the time bus I didn't know Mandy that well. I became best friends with Mika when we were assigned to sit together, at a table with two other kids in my class. Mika and I were sitting diagonal from each other. But then one day we had to be partners for something and we ended up together. In 3rd grade we had folders for every subject and we could draw on them. When I first saw one of Mika's folders I noticed that she drew Sailor Moon on it. I asked her if it was Sailor Moon and she said yes but she looked a little embrassed. But we became still friends and I found out that we had a lot in common, like she both liked and drew Sailor Moon and came from an Asian country to America at a young age. After some days Mika introduced Mandy to me. We also had some in common, like we were both Korean and we were born in Korea and we both liked Sailor Moon.
Even though we were all friends were weren't good at keeping secrets. Whenever we told secrets about each other and told the other not to tell we still would. Third grade was a hard grade to me but somehow I still passed. It was finally time for fourth grade. Mandy, Mika and I were all separated for homerooms. For a while Mandy played with us at recess but after a week or so of school she started making a lot of friends and getting popular. Sometimes she thought that Mika and I were babyish. Because of that she stopped playing with us. But that only made Mika and I stronger friends.
After a while Mika started making friends too and I was the only one left without friends. Although Mika was making friends she was still my best friend and I was her best friend. She introduced me to her friends and I became friends with them.
Even though Mika and Mandy barely met each other anymore except for reading class Mandy's mom and my mother were friends so we still met each other from time to time and she was in my math class. But then after a while I started to get intrested in swimming and I learned to swim and got on a swim team. My mother told Mandy's mom and Mandy and her brother started swimming with me but I was slightly better. After a while Mandy started to get better than me but that was because she was one year older that me and that meant several inches taller. In the middle of the year Mandy moved to a new apartment and a new school.
Fourth grade passed by very quickly and it was time for fifth grade. Again Mika and me weren't in the same homeroom but we were still the best of friends. Mika started making many friends and so did I. I became friends with Julia, Natile, Rachel and Gini. But I still wasn't very happy in my homeroom. Even though I had many friends my teacher didn't like me from the beginning he always frowned at me and when others were loud he always picked me out and yelled at me and I always got into trouble for nothing. But fifth grade was a sad year too. Mika's mom had a stomach diease and she and her mom had to move with her cousins in Texas but that was also the year I had to move back to Korea for good. We said our goodbyes on that last day but I still miss her and with she was here with me. Even though we write letters and write for each other on pnp, I still miss her very much. I just hope we would be able to meet each other again during and after the long years I live here after all we've been through together and for each other.

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        02-11-2007     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

A very sad story! When did Euna come into the picture? :) Thanks for entering my contest, sorry for not commenting sooner though i said I would...I have no excuse aside form having my best friend and editor on my @$$ all the time for updates of my new book...Mehrina is scary! Anyway, it is creepy how you, Euna, and me joined all around the same times...very creepy. I may be head in poem count, but I'm way behind in book quality! I need to submit Past Alive or Flights of Fantasy...I'll have to ask Meh which she recommends, she's the only human to have read either. Anyway, side tracked, this is a sad and interesting story, with no grammar/spelling errors I spotted. Meh would probably find some tiny, unnoticeable, little mistake somewhere (she's corrected people three times her age...), but I'm a storyline and character wise Adoublesquible, not much of a grammar/spelling critic if I can read it easily! :) Great work, keep writing!

Your friend,
Leigh of the Commenting Crusaders
*holds up sword and sheild* To the workshops! Charge!

        01-17-2005     usprincess123        

It seems that today I'm reading good emotional stories. I think that this is a very good, sad, and kind of happy story. Although your friends don't see you anyore and you don't see them, you should be happy and cherish the moments you spent with each other. It is sad because now you don't see each other. I think that this is good work!

        09-12-2004     Mika Lee        

Well you missed a lot of times but I wouldn't expect for u to put all of them in 1 story

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