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You're not a Princess, You're just a Frog

by Robert Betts (Age: 71)
copyright 09-01-2004

Age Rating: 10 +

You're not a princess; you're just a frog,
a made up illusion behind love's dense fog.

You're insincere, a liar, a cheat,
a poisonous apple, appearing so sweet.

You lied to me; you lie to your friends;
You lie to your folks; it never ends.

You broke your promise, broke my heart too!
I was a fool when I trusted you.

I thought them all true, your written lies,
you even said, "For you I would die."

Word-scenes you painted; how we would be,
when we were married so happily.

Sweet illusions, you sketched for me,
our picnic in woods beneath a tree.

A perfect love, the blessings of God,
now even to Him, you are a fraud.

Someday, my princess, I'll surely find,
one who will have a pure heart and mind.

A girl whose love will always be true,
she'll never take back, the words, "I do."

One who's whole life will not be a lie,
one who for me, really would die.

I'll give her my love, all she can hold,
I'll fill her heart, a heart of pure gold.

It's too late now, for what could have been,
you murdered that girl, the princess within.

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        01-18-2013     Rachel Brown        

What a beautiful heartfelt piece Robert, its so refreshing to read such a lovely poem I enjoyed every line it won my heart.

        03-25-2009     June Nazarian        

Bob, this is a wonderful poem and a great way to vent anger to one who has betrayed you. She is a frog at best. This was written so long ago I am certain that whatever pain was there is also long gone. Thanks for this.....June

        01-06-2009     Regina Garber        

Robert - wow I can feel the anger and the hurt. If this is a true story for you, isn't it great how you can vent with creative words?! I loved the ending - reference to her once being a princess but she murdered that person and now she is a frog.
I know a lot of frogs!


        11-18-2007     Cassie Sweeney        

wow this is amazing. I feel like it's my anger when I read it. This is a very powerful piece and you put it well. As always I also love your word choice. I also love the connection to a fairy tale in it. I'm sorry this happened to you though.

        07-02-2007     Barbara Walker        

Hi Bob
I read this poem and the image stayed with me and didn't leave me for days.
I think it's highly imaginative to base your poem on a fable. The dialogue that the princess deserved from the frog.
I wondered why you left out his saying to her i would have been your prince. Are you suggesting that she doesn't even deserve a frog?
Your poem is a truly educational version, in the spirit of Dreikurs the pedagogue who believes the best education is based on natural consequences.
I liked the rhythm and the concept of a "princess within"..A nice work to teach and discuss at home and in the classroom.

        04-20-2007     Euna Park        

This is a powerful work, and I think that it deserves full credit. There is an incredible use of imagery, as Eva said, and it speaks to me about the constant drama that surrounds our school (urgh). It has a good rhythm, comfortable to read aloud or in my head, and I absolutly love it. Nothing more to be said.


        11-20-2006     Eva Russell        

This is an incredible use of word choice and imagery, unfortunately, it reminds me of all the people I actually know that are like this. Maybe not to me, but to others.

        12-02-2005     Haley Robinson        

Wow! This one is very powerful, and it also has a good beat. I like it alot! Keep up the A-mazing work!


        10-25-2005     Alma Hulbert        

Its so unique.I like it.

        09-04-2005     Regina Pate        

O My God! Is exactly what I said so now it will exactly what you read. Good job. I hope I never piss you off.

        03-14-2005     Sarah Mahler        

Lovely job with your words. You did a great job at painting a scence of betrayal. Great job.

        12-31-2004     Tara Manning        

This is great why haven't I read this before?
The rythm is good and so is the rhyming but I can see how betrayed you feel.

        12-20-2004     Sarah Barrett        

This is a good poem. Like Gregory said a betrayal. I like it a lot.

Happy Holidays!!

Sarah B.

        12-11-2004     Emily Garwood        

There's always friend untill the next princess comes along and everytime your hurt p-n-p will catch you all of us will because you've done so much remember you've done good in your life so you deserve SOMEONE of luck

        11-12-2004     Jane Lee        

I think this poem is well written. People change everyday even good people. I hope you will find another person.

        11-09-2004     Chelsea Armstrong        

Great piece of work Bob. Though I have not read much of your work. I have to say that I am facinated by what i have so far. Your pictures are vivid like that of a rose, your emotion burns through like that of the sun.
I am sorry to have heard your Princess was really a Frog. But I hope you have found your somewhere.

        09-12-2004     Sage Bruce        

Good job bob!
The world is full of greedy liars,it's weird how people can be and you have to think about the good people who trust everyone and then finds out about the evils in the world..some people just freak out and never trust anyone..I hope everyone at pnp is diffrent than that..I'm sorry to hear about princess Bob,but you really deserve a Queen.

        09-07-2004     Paula Tsvayg        

Yeah, Mary's right!
If the going gets tough, all of us are there for you.
We'll back you up if you have trouble, need friends...
We're there to led a helping hand.
Keep that in mind....

        09-06-2004     Gregory Christiano        

Seems like another betrayal, so common these days. Where are people's integrity and descency. Very powerful and right to the point. Nice job Robert.

        09-06-2004     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

Bob, you are the father I never had
And you've been through more than you deserve
Someday the princess will realize
that she's not entitled to the throne
Someday she'll realize that what Bob gives
Bob can surely take away

Bob... you deserve so much more. Take care and know your family is here and that not all of us are frauds.

Big Hugs!

Your daughter, BrytEyz

        09-06-2004     whitedragon        

Hey, I think it was a very touching poem and i love it, but as Paula said "if it happened to you me and all my friends are very sorry for you because you do not deserve that kind of person who is very careless and not loving". Most of your work is wonderful and great!
Yours faithfully,

        09-05-2004     Paula Tsvayg        

This is a very strong poem.
If it happened to you, I'm sorry, because nobody deserves to love some one that pretends to love them back.
This is a great poem, and I read it three times.

        09-03-2004     Joan Jotz        

A fine spinning of reality and fantasy with a caustic bite beneath the words. Oh how the truth can be easily disguised, and turn joy into pain. Never take what you see at face value as the truth...the mirror has two sides!! Gold turns to brass. You have given the reader a lesson to learn and live by.


        09-02-2004     SamiJo Mcquiston        

That was so good! A fairy-tale gone arye. I can't stop reading it, it's so imaginary yet so real. I fthat makes any sense at all. Good job.

        09-02-2004     Robert Betts        

My thanks to Reggie S. for being a wonderful, faithful friend and for helping me with a few lines of this poem... Thanks, Reggie.

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