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Terror Eats Our Young

by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 09-06-2004

Age Rating: 10 +

Like the hell left pick a soul
drag them through the street
to face the mothers

Screen burns the fear of me inside
Children dressed to die in the war
Not the casualty but salt and desire
Pawns left on a sea of hate living
Hell delivered by madness of right

Shallow grave ideas resurrect
bury not the idea burn it hot
give it a final burial cut out the heart

When did man drop his hate on children
Plans to take life before growth survive
Slugs of the planet dressed black childless
Martyrs with faith gone to hell and back
Direction of angels deaths calling souls

Wailing in the street across the world
take the core from the beast lay it open
destroy in public view, idea and the man

Which of the many stood before the throne of God
No place for gun or the souls left to float home
Mixed in the shell a few depressed by the evil
Does the devil dance at the mix of hate and nationalism
Cowards each hiding behind a religious disguise

Searing hate in the sun of day let it wither
not on the vine but in the ground
kill the seed before it can grow again

How much is piece of ground worth an idea
Take a life kill a child in hope of recognition
Slide to the pit of a school miscalculation
Seek them out too good to die live the lie
Dress them in the death cloak blow out their brains

March in the face of man seeking cold blood
cause is the gun left in the soul watching death
torture and loss begets same destroy both

No place for these on this earth send them to hell
Never is a life worth being lost to terror and pain
Deceived by the drive to and from pain self hatred
Take many from here go willing to show loyalty dying
Pawns to be sought out and removed with those who sent them

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        07-28-2007     Frank Fields        

And so, in the always righteous name of Jihad--their or our, matters not. In the end the children suffer and die. Their or our. Very strong writing and needing to be read with respect and dignity for both: the author and the vehicle.

Frank :)

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