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by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 09-17-2004

Age Rating: 13 +

All the dreams I know are in her eyes on call

In the silly thoughts racing in my mind, what is the one thing that pushes
it is the longing of my home

Time changes nothing as hearts are almost fall

I never knew you were just waiting for the return of my heart and soul
it is the learning of faith

We can not be more or less than a seed planted after all

Test of my mind leaves me in a place just beyond the acceptance of reality
I am too smart for that dribble

Winter wine is special you see from that place you crawl

Others seek need and place of value as they question every step taken
failing to see cause and effect

I answer to her majestic haunting call

Hope is just that a place for mind to escape the real statement that all reason
says you died

Time and body take its place in the early seasons as the emotions fall

Yet in the rain of a long night I sat with you and sang every song we knew you kissed
away my tears

Drifters are we my child in the apple of an eye we capture all
Bitter we let the world rule what was ours to hold and cherish, kids and mates not perfect
but reliable

Bottle empty song done from the bed of light we crawl

Our voices melted together and strollers in the park smiled holding true joy on faces as they
passed seeing only love

So perfect our mind set we think as one blessed in heart by nature’s call returning to our own place

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        01-31-2011     Mae Futter Stein        

Hello Walter,
I was reading your poem, "Ex's" this morning.
I like many of your chosen words for your prose.
It is interesting how the early seasons take place in mind emotionally and how the seasons cause and effect of the haunting call. Very emotional. Nice write.

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