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Samantha: The Hippy/Protester and the Hissing Microphone

by Sam Hackel-Butt (Age: 28)
copyright 09-17-2004

Age Rating: 10 +

For Paula’s contest.

I hope you all laugh as much as I do now.

Grade 8: The year the juniors are being prepared for senior hood at high schools. This even took place during a Halloween like holiday, but not so Halloweenish. It’s called Purim. We dress up just like on Halloween, and get to eat sweets on Halloween, but we listen to the Megilat Esther, and sit with groggers and make tremendous noise when the name HAMAN is said. If you guys need any more info, just e-mail.

For the Purim of Grade 8, I dressed as a hippy/protester. Purim takes place during the winter, so my mom and I went driving around, looking for those signs that are in snow banks, telling people not to park there. After snatching quite a few, we went home, and made my sign. I’m a huge fan of the Simpsons, and I took an idea from there. On the bristle board in big letters I wrote: SEX! Now that I have your attention… NO WAR! To complete the costume, I frizzed up my hair, wore a see-though green shirt with my trademark blue sweatpants. I also wore sandals, and had this HUGE peace sign necklace, and peace sign earring. I was set. So the next day at school, I thought my costume was brilliant! I had people take pictures, and I strutted around the place, having a great time. Then came the costume contest part. My friends told me not to go up on stage, but I did. I was second in line. So when it was my turn, I went on with my sign held high (Now, while writing this, I’m blushing! It was SOOOOO Embarrassing!) And went over to the microphone. And I was beginning to say “The sign says-“ but the microphone hissed, causing me to stutter. And then someone in the audience shouted out: “Yea that’s right, Sex instead of War!” But I finished the sentence, and ran off the stage quickly while they were all laughing at the comment. Needless to say, I didn’t win.

But the stares, and the faces completely unnerved me, and got me to see the big picture. My costume sucked, and I made a fool of myself! But the teachers seemed to like the sign, and I got a few more photo opportunities. This one even stands out in my mind, because everyone knows my name, and I don’t know there’s!

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        09-17-2004     Paula Tsvayg        

oh, this is real funny!
I'm not surprised that you entered my contest, it's a perfect contest.
God, you must have been red when you walked off the stage!
um, I don't think that made you feel any better.
well, great entry!

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