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A day in school

by Paula Tsvayg (Age: 24)
copyright 10-01-2004
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 7 +

Four walls keeping you locked
In this dreary, sweaty room
They seem to be closing in on you
Every breath you take

The teacher drones on and on
And you can not get away
You pinch yourself once again
Trying to awaken from this nightmare

The bell rings through the hall
You can feel everything vibrating
Pick up your books
And quickly run out

Run, run
Down three flights of stairs
Ha ha.
You won't make it.

You throw open the closed door
Knowing you are late
You wipe the sweat off your brow
And try to sneak into the room

The teacher spots you
As her peircing gaze sweep the room
She briskly marches up to your desk
And hands you a detention pass

"No buts."
"No buts."

Resigning you take the pass
And try to get through
One more class
Good luck

Ring, ring
Run little girl
Down three flights of stairs
Ha, you won't make it

You quicly run down the hall
A teacher stops you
"No running you know."
Weakly, extending a hand, you take the detention pass

Run into the class
The teacher points to you
A question ringing in his eyes
"You're late."

"No buts."

You pick your head up off your desk.
You finally woke up from that nightmare.

Sighing, still sleepy.
You walk to the next class.
"You're late."
Barks the teacher.

"Here is a detention pass."
"No buts."
Run, little girl.

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        05-15-2005     Duangchai Sut-un        

You are amazing girl. I must read all of your work.

        01-15-2005     hedwig        

I'm never late, I just get detention because I NEVER do my homework, lol. Or me and my boyfriend get lunch detention for talking during classess. When the teacher writes something on the board we start moaning loud, it's so funny. Okay maybe not you, but it sure kills time and it's funny seeing them yell!

        12-21-2004     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

I was never late...we had all the classes in one room with one teacher! This was great and I can relate...I went to collage! For as young as you are this is very insightful. Good job! Thanks, Anthony

        10-16-2004     silvermoon        

Yup.....this is exactly like in school.
At the beginning I was 3 times late because I coulden't find the class. The 3d time they made me come an hour earlyer the next day! And there was almost nobody at school so I was bored for almost like an hour. That was the last time I ever came late.
I've never had detention before...
Good Poem!

        10-07-2004     Sam Hackel-Butt        

Paula! I love this! It kinda reminds me of my school, and me sometimes whem I can't seem to move fast enough. But detentions aren't that bad. I got one once. And I fall asleep ALL the time in math class. But all that running! Boy, i'd have just gave up and skipped the lesson ^_^

Keep writing!!!!


        10-04-2004     Tara Manning        

This is kind of funny.Her dream becomes reality!
Nice write!

        10-03-2004     Sarah Barrett        

This is a wonderful poem!! I HATE SCHOOL!! I almost got detention once. hehe.

        10-02-2004     Amanda Carroll        

Bravo! This reminds me so much of our dear little Usagi-chan of sailormoon. ^_^ Keep on writing- "NO BUTS!!!" *giggles*
Until next time,

~Amanda C.

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