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The Lonely Sand Dollar

by tigerlilly
copyright 10-02-2004

Age Rating: 10 +

I can see it like it was last week. The day was gloomy. The sky seemed to have a pale look as if it were about to cry. We were packing all of our stuff away. Everyone was moving quickly, but the same look the sky had seemed to appear on all of our faces. We sat on our beds soaking up the last feeling of our home for the week. Mom had brought the video camera in through all the rooms for us to remember our wonderful week at the beach. We loaded the luggage cart, and started to depart from our room. The sand was still stuck in every crevice of the tiles at the walkway of our condo from our sandals. The car was all packed up, and now it was time to say goodbye. The ocean's waves crashed gently into the beach. There were broken shell pieces scattered all over from the storm the previous night had conjured. The see oats gently swayed as the sea breeze carried a salty aroma. It seemed like a lullaby was rocking us to sleep as we stood watching the waves. Unfortunately, we needed to leave soon. I took a handful of sand letting the cool, gritty feeling exfoliate my skin. Sister had done the same as we felt the sadness of leaving such a beautiful place sink in. Then, I explained what we must do with the sand.

"Sister, throw the sand as far out into the ocean as you can, so that there will always be a part of us in the sea. The ocean will always remember us, because part of us will be there."

We threw the sand out, and watched the waves until we were almost in a dream state. The gray sky looked down upon as and whistled a wind that brushed our blonde hair in our eyes. A call from the distance was heard telling us it was time to go. I took one last look and started to walk back. I took off my sandals letting the sand caress my feet. As I looked down at my feet, I found a lonely sand dollar. The beach was covered in broken shells, but no other sand dollars were to be found. I carefully picked it up, hoping to treasure it always. I came closer to the car, wiped off my feet, and sat back into the very familiar leather interior. I looked at my hand with the sugary white complextion of the sand dollar. The keys turned as the car started, and we looked back at the beautiful ocean for the very last time...

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        04-15-2005     Tori Lang        

This story reminds me of my childhood as i spent every summer by the ocean
i remember the same feeling at the end f the summer when it was time to go home.It was horrible!!!
thankyou for a great read and wonderful memories.

        01-17-2005     usprincess123        

I love the story! The beach is a place I wouldn't want to leave either. This brings up old childhood memories. I think that your theory about throwing the sand as far as you can and being part of the ocean is good, nice work!

        12-28-2004     Joan Jotz        

This is a lovely story of childhood memories and pleasures. Places that remain in our hearts, even though we must leave them for a time.
You describe the scenes of the ocean, sky and beach very well. You bring the reader right into the picture.
One line needs to be corrected:
The gray sky looked down upon as--> us

I love the ocean and the beach, it's such a great place to relax, and think. Nice story.


        10-20-2004     Paula Tsvayg        

uh, stupid me, I meant for a story very well done.
I feel so stupid, forgive me for messing up so foolishly.

        10-10-2004     Paula Tsvayg        

ok, you made the correction, I see.
Here are your well deserved points for a poem very well done!

        10-03-2004     Paula Tsvayg        

This defintely deserving of the main page.
You put so many feelings in this and compared it to other things so much.
One problem: were you wrote through, it should have been threw.

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