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Opting For Darkness (Physical or Mental?)

by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball (Age: 47)
copyright 10-03-2004

Age Rating: 10 +

Utter hopelessness...
and refusal to be led by the light
...any of the many...
will only leave one in darkness.

Some folks wish to remain,
knowing at least where they are going
and where they will end up.

But at least they KNOW
for the fear of the unknown
and the possibility of disappointment
are too much for some to face or bear.

I'm much too stubborn
to be kept down for long

And I'd rather follow
a false hope briefly
with misplaced trust
and a foundationless dream,

Than to sit firmly
on the cold cement of hopelessness
in the absence of dreams.
... indeed!

I read a poem today (Travis B's poem found at and I left a comment that made me think and think and think again. Well, my muse wouldn't let me rest until I'd shared my thoughts with you all. Let me know your take on it!

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        03-04-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

To know love ,you must know loss and to know success, you must know failure. If you have no dreams you have nothing to shoot for and if you miss...look for a bigger target! Great message, Anthony

        10-04-2004     Paula Tsvayg        

As I was reading the beginning of the poem I was like " Hey, this is just like your comment on Travis's poem "
Another great poem.

        10-04-2004     Lyle Berry        

I have opted for light but seem relegated to darkness by my own acts...great poem, Mary...

Warm Regards,

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