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Ocean beauty

by Tara Manning (Age: 24)
copyright 10-04-2004

Age Rating: 7 +

Lonely soul,
Ocean beauty,
Sparkling eyes of tears,
Died for the lies she had told,
Cried for the pride she had sold,
Never would she let darkness prevail,
over her,whom she'd failed,

Lonely soul,
Ocean beauty,
Goddess of the seas,
white gown,wet at it's seems,
golden hair flowing like dreams,
forever would she wander here,
so far from you and yet so near.

*Author's note* I thought it would be cute to write a short poem about a lonely ocean goddess who wanders the waters by night.She didn't want to be a goddess of the ocean but lied to the king god so he made her lonely. Just MY OWN storyline within a poem!

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        04-02-2005     Angela Toshner        

great poem. I liked the authors note at the bottome to. Great job!

        03-01-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

You are the goddess of words. This is a good story you could make a new scout for the Sailor moon series. I like your writing, Anthony

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