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by Robert Betts (Age: 71)
copyright 05-09-2001

Age Rating: 10 +

Honeybee, Honeybee, listen I say,
you're in my heart and my thoughts today.
Honeybee, Honeybee, you were just three,
a child full of love, you gave some to me.
A far away Dad you had of your own,
but you opened your heart, gave me a home.
We gathered together, your mom and you,
added some love, me and my children too.
Then came a day I started to hurt,
for my own two children, their Dad did desert.

Honeybee, Honeybee, you may not remember,
it was in July, August, September,
and through the long years I cried every day,
you lay by my side, kissed my tears away.
"But I love you Daddy," Honeybee said.
Without these words, I'd surely be dead.
When you first spoke them, they made me cry harder,
more love for my own in my heart I did harbor.
I wanted to hear these words from my two,
but they were silent, heartless, untrue.

It was a dark and moonless night,
when I grabbed my gun, walked out of sight,
determined to end the pain in my heart,
from this ugly earth I did want to depart.
Then Honeybee, Honeybee, you came to me,
entered my mind, my thoughts you see.
"But I love you Daddy," Honeybee said.
Your words touched my heart, and stopped me dead.

I learned to love you, that day it is true.
With each passing day, my small love grew.
I still cried in pain for many long years.
But you came to me, kissed all my tears.
"But I love you Daddy," Honeybee did smile
I held and hugged you, kissed you for awhile.
Then soon I was better, better you see,
whenever my Honeybee, came unto me.

You were just seven when I had to go,
for yet another pain, my heart did know.
To you and your Mom I could no longer do,
things that were wrong, dishonest, untrue.
You and your Mom had both entered my heart,
and rather than hurt you I chose to depart.
One night the truth to your Mom I did tell,
knowing she'd ask me to leave, knowing well.

The day that I left you started to cry.
To kiss your tears dry, I longed to try.
"But I love you Daddy," Honeybee screamed,
she cried and she sobbed, then later she dreamed.
I wanted to take you into my heart,
to hug you and hold you and we'd never part.
But I knew then, though I wanted to stay,
that I must go, far, far away.

Sweet Honeybee, Honeybee, I wish I could be,
all that your Mom and you wished to see,
but a leopard his spots, cannot change they say.
A leopard once born, a leopard must stay.
Some day the Lord will bid me, "Come home."
And there I shall wait for you all alone.
You and your Mom, you shall come to me,
and all of my faults, God shall fix you see.
"But I love you Daddy," Honeybee'll say.
We'll laugh, love and play, all through the day.

Honeybee, Honeybee, I cried today,
but you came to me in your own special way.
"But I love you Daddy," Honeybee said.
I cried the harder, hugging my bed.
Dear Honeybee, Honeybee, I carry with me,
deep in my heart a fond memory,
of a sweet little girl who I learned to love,
with all of my heart, my sweet little dove.
So Honeybee, Honeybee, I wrote this to say.
I hope that your joy increases each day.

*Author's note:
I have also written a song which is based on this poem...
First turn off the Prose-n-Poetry music box
It is Copyrighted so PLEASE just listen...
Anyone desiring rights, (and words) please email me.
Piano version -- Full version

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        03-07-2015     williamsji        

An excellent poem based on the love towards a dad who in turn gives back love, Dads may not like to show much emotion, but they love their kids just as much as moms.
Dads love to be needed and to be seen as wise or important. Asking your dad anything, about the weather, his job, how to tie a knot, whatever etc will validate him and demonstrate your respect for him.

good theme, my applause.

Regards & love

        07-31-2014     dodeydee        

Emotional and heartfelt work that had me reading through blurred eyes before the end Robert...Clear imagery and a nice flow to your well chosen words.

Honeybee ~ so sweet and loving to you, a gift to treasure forever.

Best wishes my friend..Dee.

        08-25-2011     Mae Futter Stein        

I loved your poem, Honeybee. It touched my heart deeply as I read. Sometimes life has ways to say things to us by experiences of the unknown happenings. It hurts as one takes the right steps, not giving into temptations. It makes a better person of us. Rewards open up like gifts from heaven, life goes on with morals and better understanding, as your heart poured out with love. God knows and understands. Wonderful words of love.

        11-19-2010     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

This was such a lovely poem, and it was so expressive. The fancy font you used as a nice touch as well, though a font junkie like me always notices these things! XD

Lovely work, Mr. Betts. <3

~Leigh of the Commenting Community

        04-03-2008     Kelley Appleby        

I read this a few days ago, and felt compelled to return. (Knowing also, I needed to comment on this one, as it hits incredibly close to home for me.)

It touched me in a way I could struggle to explain. It would take too long, though. Suffice it to say I am a child of divorce. Two, to be more specific.

I will tell you this poem actually inspired me to write a new one of my own!

I named it: Mes trois pères... (My Three Fathers)
I'd love to hear from you if you get the chance to read it, Bob.

Take care... You are obviously (to me) a man with a sweet heart and a tender conscience. I wish you inner peace. ^.^

        03-24-2007     Christina Johnson        

This is a very cute poem. I loved it.

        03-23-2007     Shannon Walter        

This poem is so beautiful and it was such great read!

        09-30-2006     Deborah Thomas        

This reminds me of my step dad. My mom and sister, his own blood, don't understand how I still loved and respected him. I tried to explain that to me, he was 'daddy' when I needed one most.
How touching for you to remember and commemorate her love.

        09-13-2006     Kimberly Murphy        

WOW!! This poem was excellent!! Beautifully written!! Touched my heart in may ways and brought back some memories as well.

        07-27-2003     Irina Guschina        

I just was reading your poem. Happiest moment for me, Bob! Wonderfully... Much pain, many love, much truth...

        03-11-2003     Nadia Emanuel        

this was so lovely! ^_^ so cute...and amy's my fave scout to! lol

        02-02-2003     Melissa Jung        

This poem has touched me in a million different ways. Stunned.

        10-07-2002     Cristina Lipp        


I loved this poem. It has such sentimental value. The music brings it home. I felt a tug at my heatstrings while reading this. Very nice form of verses also. Thanks for explaining the verse format. Very interesting and enlightening.

        09-28-2002     Audrey Sullivan        

This is so perfect.
it shows alot of love in
every moment the pain you go
through is so sad,

        09-03-2002     Tiffany Wren        

This is just cute!:) I Like this poem. I like sailor amy ,too! Although I do not watch this show daily. I hope you continue writing poetry as I really like them.

        08-21-2002     Aaron Schmookler        

This poem touched me like few poems do.

        11-25-2001     Les Heywood        

Very moving. You made my heart break along with yours.

        09-04-2001     Betty Eskdale        

What a powerful, sad poem! The music is quite lovely.

        04-01-2001     Connie Marcum Wong        

This poem was excellent and full of emotion. I also enjoyed the lovely music....Connie:)

        04-01-2001     Robin M.        

Very well written and extremely emotional.

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