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The Calling Of The Sea

by Stephen Washam
copyright 10-07-2004

Age Rating: 10 +

When the moonlight on the water sparkles beautiful and bright
On a clear warm summer evening underneath a starlit night
Across the dark deep waters I can hear her speak to me
A soft and mellow whisper is the calling of the sea

She blows her cool and salty breath lightly through my hair
Her waters move so gracefully she captivates me there
She wraps me sweet and softly in her golden arms of sand
And reaches out her white capped waves to take me by the hand

A dark seductive beauty that draws every sailor home
They hear her love song calling from wherever they may roam
No seaman can resist her charms so beautiful and pure
And many are the men who fall in love with her allure

As I stand here close beside her and watch her waters foam
I know that I am at the place that always will be home
She knows that she can find me no matter where Iíll be
And I always will be drawn here by the calling of the sea

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        04-21-2005     Katie Langolf        

Very good. Nice use of imagery too. the sea is one of my favorite things to draw.

        04-20-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Very eloquently written. I have a fond memory of a trip to sea on a boat with my father and brother. This poem is great and your ability to make the reader feel like they are standing beside you, while you describe what you BOTH see, is wonderful. Thanks, Anthony

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